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Favorite Hamstring Exercises?

Hey everyone, the hamstrings have been a popular topic in the articles as of late and I wanted to start a list of everyone’s favorite hamstring/posterior chain exercises and the rep ranges they work in.

I personally like the wide stance, bent knee good morning as well as the one legged hyperextension.

Being a sprinter, extra weight is a no-no, so I keep the reps low and the weight high.

As far as I’m concerned arch back good mornings and glute ham raises and dimel deadlifts are all one would need to build powerful hamstrings.

Straight-leg DLs are my favorite. I do alot of pulls, so they all kind of blend into one seemless entity.

SLDL’s standing on a four inch platform or a 100 lb plate. I do these in a rack and I start with the bar on the supports at waist height. I lower the BB and keep it close to my shins. Force your head up throughout the whole lift to keep the low back arched. Work up to heavy triples. These should feel very similar to a conventional dead. Glute hams are good if you have a good bench, but I like them second to SLDL’s.

I like Romanian Deadlifts. They are brutal on my hams.

i like stiff leg DL’s and glute ham raises…the wide stance good mornings also seems to get my hammies pretty good

I just started doing Dimel deadlifts and I’ve never felt so much fatigue in my posterior chain before.

Good mornings are also up there.

Romanian deadlift.

OL’s such as Cleans, Clean & Jerk, Snatches…

Do you mean hamstring exercise or posterior chain exercise?

Glute Ham Raises if you’re talking strictly hamstring.

Sumo Good Mornings (straight back) otherwise.