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Favorite Halloween Candy?


Its that time of year. Everyone in America is buying candy for the neighborhood kids, every one of those people is really just picking out the candy they like so they can have the leftovers. Even though I am on a strict diet right now I still plan on pounding down some candy once Shelby Starnes gives me the nod for a cheat meal.

We have all been there, once the kids stop coming you still have a giant punch bowl of candy that barely has a dent. Instead of putting it in the cupboard for later you eat until you slip into a sugar induced coma, waking up 10 hours later, covered in chocolate and tears, filled with overwhelming self loathing.

So... Assuming you aren't the neighborhood buzzkill who hands out celery sticks, what are you buying?


Don't really get into Halloween, but i LOVE TWIX! Man....that stuff to me is like crack. It's my favorite chocolate bar. Everyone gets on me for it, and I have had expensive chocolate, but I just love Twix. I can eat a King size in one sitting.


Mini Kit-Kat




dumb thread


reese's dark


Reeses. Or Snickers. Or Twix. Or Mounds. Or Milky Way. But we don't want the Three Musketeers Bar.

Oh, alright, everybody!


mini butter fingers

Not handing them out but was my favourite bar as a kid.


Tough call between reeses or mini butter fingers. But then again there are a lot of halloween candies that I like which don't get a lot of love....like candy corn.



I don't get candy corn, it tastes weird and stale no matter how new it is. One of my friends told me the other day that candy corn was her favorite candy, we haven't spoken since.


Haha that is a funny skit. Candy corn : Halloween as Peeps : Easter. And peeps are the shit


Haha, I was typing when you posted this, sums up my feelings exactly.


It is a weird ass taste. I don't even know why I like it. I haven't had it since a kid so I should probably try some and make sure I remember what it tastes like


Caramellos, and that's about it. Reeses and twix taste like wax to me.


big white booty




If you hate little kids and/or love dentists, give 'em lemonheads.


Reeses Peanut fucking butter cups...


I've been having skittles a lot lately. That's a damn sugar rush.


you take that back