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Favorite Foods for Muscle?


So wut are your guys favorite foods for gaining muscle? Since gitting flamed on the RMP forum, I've stepped up my game and gotten in more calories with steaks and burgers instaed of just eating only the lean cuts of meat. The Red meat seems to be wurking well for me; I'm up 5 pounds since the flames started burnin lol.


You could search and find a shit ton of info.

I'm a poor college student so here's what I eat alot of:

Natty Salmon Burgers - Great protein, taste bomb as fuck, about 190 calories each, slap 2 of them in a sandwich with some creamy horseradish.

Strip streak - Whole package of 6 slices of beef costs about 3 bucks. Good enough for one meal for me.

Whole Milk - yeah, again not the healthiest but it's not terrible and gets you the calories.

Eggs - Obviously, 3 eggs a day for me.

Also, buy some bread that you love that's not terrible for you and make sandwiches. Gives you carbs and some extra calories.

Peanut Butter - Protein, not my fav but will do sometimes.

Granola (check the fiber content, I have on that gets you 28 % of your fiber needs, you need fiber more the massive amounts you're gonna eat.)

Get some cheap whey protein powder.

Pasta with garlic, olive oil, and bits of sausage = Good times.

Also, shots of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, will taste terrible, but a full shot glass nets you like 800 Calories of healthy fats.


Steaks and burgers.


I like dat der beef, and da pork tenterloin wurks well tew. lol


Where do you find the strip steak that cheap?


My bad it isn't strip steak it's skillet steak. Thinly cut slices of beef, but for 3 bucks it's a great value. And I shop at QFC in seattle.


ive been buyin those skillet steaks and they satisfy my two requirments: cheap and tasty lol.


whole milk, ground beef, and alaskan salmon(if its frozen its cheaper).


x2 lol

& steak


steakkk, chicken, tuna, fucking burgers, ground beef, salmon.

im a sucker for carbs


Burgers, ground beef. I love ground beef.


ALl of the above. Question for yall....

On my last physical, (the one where my doctor warned me of the dangers of creatine,) I also got all my vitals checked and I was pre hypertensive. I'm pretty young, and he said my cholesterol was high as well. I'm guessing it was my diet, because I am a pretty active individual. Any suggestions? Sorry for the turn


Did he break down HDL and LDL and tell you your triglycerides or did he just tell you the total number?

Mine total was 260 (high at first glance) but I had a 1:1 ratio of HDL and LDL with triglycerides in the 60s... they said it was fantastic.


My jaw droped when I read your first statement. haha.

to OP: I'm a college student as well. The provided foods in the above post are a pretty sound way to gain some college muscle. I have a similar diet.


1 costco cheap steaks
2 any meaty pasta
3 meaty pizza with bbq sauce instead of tomato sauce
4 subway wit double meat and cheese


LDL 148
HDL 49

I guess this is high.


everything under the sun, I read the packages and aim mainly for foods that are caloricly dense, I'm a skinny bastard so im not concerned about gaining fat, im also currently bulking. If I look like I have a beer gut then I'll worry more about macronutrients.


Dude your total is under 200 i have no idea how this is considered high, if anything you could increase total cholesterol by increasing hdl or increasing the ratio of hdl to ldl(eat more fish and veggies). Better yet what is your blood pressure since your at "risk" for hypertension.


I need to eat more steak and beef... I actually buy beef every Sunday at the farmer's market, it is expensive but I'll buy a sirloin and a patty. Just to treat myself with grass-fed, but the rest is bought from the regular grocery store.

Favorite food for muscle other than meat: cottage cheese, at least 2 cups.


porterhouse or london broil steaks, ground bison (tons of this!), pork loin, canned tuna, canned salmon, fresh salmon, snapper, tilapia, etc. Natural PB, whole milk, cottage cheese.