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Favorite fish oils or EFA's???

Please let me know what your favorite kinds of fat supplements are? Such as the brand and he kind. Is there a big difference between flaxseed oil, fish caps, etc.? What is the best while cutting up? Thanks

Was curious if I could use some natural peanut butter/almond butter for some of my healthy fats?

By the way should I spread my fish oil consumption throughout the day or should I focus on certain meals at which to consume them? Thanks

Udo’s (liquid), raw nuts (walnuts, cashews, almonds, macadamias), fish oil (Member’s Mark caps or Health from the Sun’s Ultra Omega-3), and ground golden flax seeds are great on salads.

Yes, natural PB is perhaps my main source for healthy fats. Great source for fats specially the almond stuff!

As for when to take them, I personally take them in the morning, middle of day, and right before bed just those three times. I try and have six meals a day!