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Favorite Figure/Physique Competitors

Erin Stern is one of my favorite figure competitors. She has a beautiful physique, excellent stage presence and looks very feminine. She comes from a background of athletics, she is still competing in track and field and her training style is something to be admired. You will see her in the gym doing Olympic lifts and lots of compound exercises…

She’s very strong and can put a lot of guys to shame with her strength, technique and overall confidence in the gym. Erin is one of those people that other women can look up to in the sport and learn from. It’s also very admirable that she treats her fans with respect and gives them her time and appreciation. I’m looking forward to seeing her on stage at the Olympia in September, as always.

Who is your favorite?? And why?

Candice Lewis, another stunning IFBB pro figure athlete. Check out her shoulder to waist ratio… Wow! This is a statuesque figure physique.

Nicole Wilkins, 3x Figure Olympia winner! These are some pictures from her very first show so you can see how far she has come since then. I’m sure many of you have seen these pictures before but it’s a good reminder. We all have to start somewhere.

Alicia Coates is awesome. She just seems sweet, yet tough.

Weight training always makes good girls edgier and sexier. I love that paradox.

Not sure how to post. And she’s not figure but Marissa Rivero all day. Those glutes!!

@mmagirl Yes! Marissa Rivero is beautiful, she’s an IFBB bikini pro… She’s got a very marketable look.

Larissa Reis!!! She’s on the bigger side for a figure competitor and I think she’d do very well if she switched over to physique but I think she looks amazing.

I adore the physique division. DLB and Roxy Beckles are my inspirations. As for figure, I love Erin Stern for overall presentation, but Nicole Wilkins for her muscle and symmetry.