Favorite Fiber !

What is everyone’s favorite brand of fiber product to keep the plumbing in working order?

Granola w/ raisins cereal is the shit. Literally!

Who needs fiber when there’s Trim-maxx. One final thought, 12-13 hrs. after drinking this nasty liquidized indulgent, you better not be far from a dumping ground.

All-Bran and hot milk with either strawberries or a banana. JR.

Raisins work great. It feels really good coming out & oat bran works wonders too. Another one that works really well is psyllium whole husks!

well i just bought a big bag of psyllium husk at Trader Joe’s for cheap. I highly doubt that i wil like it though, in fact i am dreading taking it.

Plenty of fruits and vegetables.

I have spinach salad with carrots and nuts in the evenings. Keeps everything moveing just fine!

Coupla concoctions to offer here. Definitely agree with the fruits and veggies in general, though. Number 1: one can of ‘tropical fruit’ (pineapple, papaya chunks), one can of sliced peaches with raspberry flavoring, and 3 teaspoons of orange flavored, sugar-free psyllium husk (generic Equate brand). Cool, fibrous, fruit cocktail, ready-mixed in a tub. Number 2: 4-5 dried plums, heavily dusted with cinnamon, and smothered in unsweetened applesauce. This makes a tangy and satisfying dessert. Chases a steak nicely . Number three: regular (slow-cook) oatmeal, fortified with protein powder (try grow) and sugar-free maple syrup. Number four: in a hurry with a protein shake, I pop some Equate brand (generic) Fibercon tablets.

On the advice of T-Mag, I tried (oh, I really tried) Colon Cleanse. Subscribing to the “more is better” philosophy, I opted for Super Colon Cleanse. I’m not sure if it is as effective as everyione claims, because upon my first taste, I nearly threw up. This stuff tastes like, well, there’s really no way to describe it. I would say that it tastes like lawn clippings, but I’d wager that it actually tastes much worse. I switched back to Metamucil pretty fast.

A big leafy salad usually does the trick. One of my favorite meals is oatmeal (the rough cut stuff), protein powder, mixed dried fruit, honey and almonds. Mmmm man.