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Favorite Female Celebrity Physique


Since the favorite celeb and athlete physique posts have gotten alot of a attention, I figured why not make a thread dedicated to our favorite celeb female physiques?


I inadvertantly watched parts of "The Family Stone" recently on a flight and was taken in by Rachel McAdams, even though she plays a total bitch in the movie.

I've seen her before and thought she was attractive, but never noticed her great body. The problem is that she's bundled up through much of the flick, with a tight red sweater being the clothing that got my attention.

Is there any move where I might see more of her?


Good idea!


Okay, this thread can be finished now.

Nobody can beat Jennifer Garner.


Oops, I almost forgot about Alyssa!


I tend to agree. Love Jennifer Garner.
Although, Rachel McAdams has become a recent favorite of mine, as well (after seeing her in Wedding Crashers), and as far as facial features, at least, she and Jennifer could almost be twin sisters.

Alyssa is pretty damn hot, too, with a solid physique.



You have to post this one in the celebrity thread; if you don't I'm stealing it >-)

Just a side note: there are pictures of women in the celeb thread. I never intended to start that thread as being for men only. Women are famous, too :slight_smile:


Do you think Ben Affleck was sitting around watching "Alias" one night and said"

"...I'd Hit It...!"

(Just curious!)



Don't remind me!
I have no clue what they see in him, and I never would have guessed Jennifer to be that dumb (well, maybe Lopez, but not Garner).

It's gotta be the $$


Or maybe he's rockin' a pringles can....


Probably not that much of a celebrity, but nice nevertheless...


Elisha Cuthbert is one of my favorites.


Scarlett Johansson also