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Favorite Fast Food


Ya ya ya...it's not clean food I know.

But these delicious grease sandwiches....yummm.
Which one is your favorite/the best.

I just ate some Rally's after a long hiatus. I feel very nasty but also, very very fulfilled.

Ya Rally's, 2 for 4$ Burgers is the best fast food meal you can get. What do you guys think?


idk what Rally's is, but a 4x4 from In-n-Out always sounds amazing to me.



That is Rally's, I think you Caliphiles call it, Checker's or something.


White Castle :frowning:


Wendy's and Moe's.


In N Out


CHECKERS FTW!!. Taco Bell comes in 2nd.


taco bellllllll


in n out


Jack in the Box
4 tacos
large curly fries
large dr pepper


Skipping the diet dr. pepper I see. :stuck_out_tongue:


i have in'n'out at least 3 times a week.

i typically order a 4X1 protein style which is 4 meat patties, one slice of cheese, no bread but wrapped in lettuce. If i lift before eating in'n'out, i will get the bun too.

it is delicious


Holy shit that sounds awesome. I need an In n Out near me.


I put on sooo much mass eating 4x4's from in and out. Now I gag a little when I drive by one and catch a whiff.

Adalberto's super burrito with everything as a post workout meal. Fuck yeah.


I want to eat this 4x4, I saw a picture....God, it looks so good. Is the beef they use pretty fresh? Or is like that McD's smeat shit?


Triple Whoppa, lg fries and a vanilla shake. Eat the fries first, while they're hot, down the burger and chase that with the shake.

1300+ cals in one sitting. Guilt never tasted so good.


Oh man I forgot about Checkers! Bastards all closed here in KC as far as I know. Whataburger is a favorite of mine when I'm near one, we don't have those here either :frowning: No Dunkin' Donuts either.....why the hell do I still in KC?


BK quad stacker FTW!

BK > Carrl Jr > Wendys > McDonalds


get i get an arby's beef 'n cheddar in here?


Wendy's spicy chicken fillet.

Fucking delicious.