Favorite Exercises for Hamstrings

What are some of your favorite exercises and set/rep schemes to develop hamstrings?

Deadlifts medium load total of 40-50 reps works well for me. Fast pulls.

Pull throughs, good mornings, RDL’s, GHR, Deads, sled drags

Deep squats, good mornings, and glute ham raises are the ones I do. I also keep telling myself that I’m gonna start running, which is a great one also, but I’ve been telling myself that for about 2 weeks.

Stiff-legged deadlifts or Romanian deadlifts and leg curls.

Romanian Deads and
Single Leg Romanian Deads

RDL & GM’s

Stiff Leg Deadlifts…

Glute-ham raises
One-legged barbell deadlifts

I love stiff legs. Bit I don’t have what people would call the best hammies in the world.

I’ve been doing GHR and find them REALLY bloody hard but I definitely know where my hamstrings are after I’ve done them.