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Favorite Exercise Poll

It’s no secret that my favorite exercise is Chin-ups. If I could do only one movement, that would be the one (much to the detriment of my legs :).

What is the one movement that you love most and would not give up? Regardless of what body part it works. In other words, it does not have to be a movement that works the most muscles. I would like you to post the movement that you most enjoy performing in the Gym.

the movement that I most enjoy is any type of deadlift!!!

Squats. I look forward to them.


Squats and Deads - I like pullin/pushin heavy

I would have to say either pullups or dips. And squats.

Tough choice between squats and deads. I think they are equally my favorite.

Kickbacks. They really hit the tris.

Actually, deads, heavy deads. I don’t own a sports car, so they’re my compensation.



“Kickbacks” haha thanks for the laugh man…

Squats I look forward to legs

beating off

Got to be snatch deads.

Snatches, although I think my form still blows after working on it for a year…

[quote]got_beer? wrote:
beating off[/quote]

Make sure you switch b/w left and right hands…don’t wanna create a muscle imbalance! And ALWAYS stretch the forearm flexors post-workout. Surge = optional…depending on length of session.


Snatches are by far my favorite

If I had to pick just one, definitely deads…lately cleans and snatches are close.


It’s a shame that you sign up to the finest muscle building site on the Internet and waste your 11th post with stuff like that…


Second is deads.

After I get finished with Poliquin’s Quick Knee Fix, I’m gonna start squatting again. For that, I take front squats.

Well I was gonna say Deads and Squats, but after those two it is definitely standing overhead presses.

Power snatches and/or 1-arm power snatches with a barbell.