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Favorite Equipment?


there so much new stuff out there for equipment what are some of your favorite things to use?


I love the straight leg seated calf press. Takes all the strain off my lower back and let's me really pile on the weight. Curious what other folks may chime in about.



Yates row machine


Definately the good ol barbell :slightly_smiling:


The Atlantis pullover machine. Hello lat pump!


This may sound a bit boring, but I love the power rack, dip-station and chin-bar the most...


Seriously? I somehow just can't make friends with this device. Don't know why, just can't create that mind/muscle connection.


Power rack, definitely


The gf cardio machine. I do HIIT with it my endurance is unreal and penis mind connection is great.

Some one had to do it...


Glad it was you. I was really tempted to. But then again, I didn't want to mess with my karma...


Well then to counter what I said I like the machine row at my gym. We don't have a lot of machines here I work lot with free weights.


What machine it's the Gf cardio? Can anyone post a photo?
I want it!


Do you really want me to send it to you? It's at home have to snap a pic :wink:


Ever since that experimental arm video went up. The fat grip barbell. It used to just lean against the corner of the wall in the gym.


My gym does not have the 2 inch barbell grips. I ordered a set of Fat Gripz and they rock. My forearms are finally starting to grow.


No, forget it. But as english it's not my mother laguaje I have problems sometimes to understand things. So I put "gf cardio machine" in google to know what the hell was it. But just for curiosity. (And coz I hate cardio machines!Maybe this one :wink: )
Thanks so much Fuzzyapple!


Easy, Iso-Lateral front lat pulldown.


Weight Belts and Chin/dip stations.


My favorite is the power rack (I do about 80-85% of my training in there), especially the COLLEGIATE POWER RACK by Tate at Elitefts.com.

When I went to Ohio it was a blessing in disguise; it was great to train with these fantastic lifters... but now that I used the collegiate rack, I can't train on anything else!

If you are talking strictly about machines the only ones I see as necessary (because they can do the job better than the free-weight equivalent, if there is one) are:

  1. Lying leg curl
  2. Reverse hyper
  3. Glute-ham raise
  4. Pullover machine (especially if you can get your hands on a 1st or 2nd generation Nautilus... or a MedEx pullover)

Then there would be the Atlantis dual pulling station (lat pulldown, seated row) with 400lbs weight stack.

I also like Lateral raise machines. Not necessarily better than dumbbells, but the different strength curve makes it a good shoulder builder in your rotation.


I'd hafta say the floor and a barbell. Seriously. Followed by a power rack with a built-in pull-up bar and a ladder leading up to the dips bar built into the pull-up bar. Doing dips that high with a weight is scary as FUCK!!!!! I'm not talking about the neutral grip chin bar. It says on the rack that it's for dips. At some point within the next year that company is going to have so many lawsuits.

Now where do y'all get those fat gripz to go on the olympic BB. I'm sure I could find em but every1 on here seems to know where to get the good shit.

Thanks, Mike.

PS, I was totally lying about the ladder and high dips. lol