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Favorite Energy Drink


What's yours? if you have more, how do you cycle them and why? Why do you like this or that particular drink? How much does it cost you per drink or month?

If this was done-fuck you, I did use the "search" function and didn't find anything.

I'm also expecting some funnies, so don't let me down

EDIT: why was I unable to go into this thread but to every other up till an hour later?? So weird


Rockstar Zero Carb for every day (~$2-3/can...expensive). Sugar free Red Bull in Las Vegas.


Spike shooter, Only break glass when needed. This stuff is like a B12 shot with a crack chaser.


I have a friend who drinks 2 edrinks a day just to function normally... he's tried over 200 types. His favorite was some mango one he only found once, forget the name but for commonly found day-to-day energy drinks he goes for regular monster, or those health FRS ones if he's trying to cut back the caffeine a little.

Its funny to watch him if he doesnt get at least 1 edrink in him before noon, cause his face gets flushed and he gets uncoordinated and angry.

I'm a fan of Spike, but i like the taste of aspartame over real sugar.


LOL. Sorry, I have nothing to contribute to this thread. I just found the above really funny.


children's tears... i add my own dextrose


I inhale foo-gas and chew concertina wire daily, no cycling.


Low-Carb Monster.


i go through Spike, redline, lo carb monster (for my off days), but mostly Spike. i love me some 'quila lime, and I'm mormon. People get really confused when I'm drinking a caffeinated beverage that also has an alcoholic beverage in its name.


That's weird since Spike doesn't contain aspartame.


I have tried a bunch of energy drinks - I like the original and quila lime Spike Shooters but if I don't have any I'll drink sugar free red bull even though it tastes like ass cause IMO it's still better than low-carb monster/rockstar zero carb. Sparks is drinkable if you want ticktack flavored booze infused energy drink. I wasn't suprised when budweiser discontinued their energy drink Be a couple years ago - that was some of the worst shit I ever tasted.


I've been drinking those Hydrive energy pseudo-water drinks lately. I don't know why, but I just fucking love the Strength (blue), and Antioxidant (triple berry), and alertness (kiwi strawberry) ones. They're just basically low carb koolaid, from what I can tell, but have a pretty good dose of caffeine. But since they aren't carbonated, it takes me about 3 seconds to put one down.

Otherwise, full throttle unleaded.


Monster Lo-Carb.


Hmmmm so quite a few ppl opt for Lo-Carb Monster, eh? I do too.
I'm thinking trying out Spike Shooters as they cost significantly less (1.66/can of Spike vs. 3 bucks/can of monster), which flavor to get?


Eh, I guess I been livin here for too long =/


Definitely Spike.

I always down a 'quila lime Spike Shooter before I hit the trails on my bike.

I recently ran out, but I found some Spike Double Shots hiding, so we'll see how those do beforehand.



Having one now in fact.


Seriously I like them all. When Original came out I thought it was the best tasting energy drink around. Then they come out with 'quila Lime, and Orange which both taste AMAZING. The Lemon Spike Shotgun is also very good.




basically any sugar free type of energy drink that comes in a large can. Lo carb Monster, Sugar free Rockstar or when in doubt a sugar free red bull. But my all time favorite has to be Spike Shooter. I just recently found a store near my work that sells them so I pick up one on my break, orange tastes amazing. Actually today I had a 6 am shift and practically no sleep so I had 3... big mistake.


I'm not even kissing ass when I say tabs of Spike are the bomb.

I need to drink more water with them though, because either they dry me out or someone is coming into my room at night and sucking all the liquid out of my face while I sleep.