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Favorite Easy Recipe?


What is everyones favorite 1 or 2 easy meals to make?

Heres mine:
Low carb days:
-olive oil
-hot sauce and salt

it's really simple you just simmer the cut up chicken breasts in the olive oil with hot sauce for 5-10min. and your done. It tastes a lot like the meat from chicken wings and is really good

Carb up days:
-Spaghetti (whole wheat)
-olive oil
-cheese, salt, pepper

just cook some whole wheat pasta, get how many shrimp you need for enough protein and put it with the olive oil and cheese on the pasta and you have Shrimp Scampi. Really good.


Favorite easy recipe:

  • Get one jar of natural peanut butter, mixed and refridgerated.

  • Open.

  • Stick spoon in and get a wad of PB on it.

  • Eat


a lot like your chicken:

´checken breasts
-Olive oil
-black pepper
-little bit of splenda (optional)

Cook the cut up chicken with olive oil until half done. then add the mustard, pepper and splenda and cook until done. tastes pretty much like BBq chken with honey mustard BBQ sauce


I'm a big fan. I believe Martha Stewart prepared this one on her show a while back -lol



1 can Muir Glen organic Garden Vegetable soup
1/2 jar Muir Glen organic pasta sauce

Bring to true boil, stirring as it heats. At a true boil it will bubble slowly despite being stirred.

Remove from heat.

Immediately add 8 ounces of 90/10 ground beef that have been largely separated into strands and small pieces.


Ready to eat.

(The method does heat the beef to above 160 F.)


Turkey wraps

4-6 Romaine lettuce leaves
8 oz sliced turkey breast

Put turkey in lettuce, spritz with mustard. Consume.


i made "buffalo" chicken this morning and ate it for lunch, bomb.

throw a big breast on the foreman, get ready for work, finish your coffee, take breast off, rough shred it, put in bag, pour franks red hot in, enjoy 6 hrs later. with greens of choice.

runner up: ground beef and eggs.



Stu your avatar makes me feel like a fat ass.
looking well prep'd tho!


feeling guilty about eating half a pound of cottage cheese Yeah, looking sick brother!


12oz. ground beef.
12 whole eggs.
2 small onions chopped.
Hot Sauce.

onions and beef into the BIG pan first. cook until browned. drain about 1/2 of the liquid. eggs in. scramble them around in the beef/onion until cooked. serve with coffee, toast, & some fish oil caps.

I make it for me & my girlfriends almost every sunday. Its marvelous. serves 2 maybe 3 people.


4 or 5 whole eggs, an additional few egg whites to desired protein content
handful of chopped spinach
leftover meat
pine nuts
optional ketchup
spices- red and black pepper, salt, garlic powder, onion powder or real onions
parmesan or romano cheese

throw the spinach in a pan w/ some evoo and/or that smart balance omega margarine stuff and get cookin. add the desired spices. as the spinach begins to wilt, add the eggs. toss everything around w/ a spatula. when the eggs are about half-cooked, add the pine nuts, left over meat, and tobasco (a bit of ketchup if desired). put on plate, top w/ soem parmesan or romano cheese, and eat. this has become a staple mid-afternoon meal for me when im not at college. it's pretty versatile, you can add peppers or mushrooms or whatever else you would like to.


Chicken Parm.

1 cooked chicken breast
1/2 C pasta sauce
2oz of cheese (i like romano/x-sharp white cheddar)
(roll chicken in bread crumbs if you want carbs)





1) grilled steak + something green
2) grilled shrimp + something green
3) Fix big bag of greens on weekend -- add (beef, chick, fish) to meal portion sizes
4) omelets (whites, eggs, spinach, onion, 'shrooms, cheese)
5) shakes
6) my nuts


Favorite easy recipe:

  • Pick up a banana and hold in one hand

  • With the banana secure in one hand proceed to peel it with your
    free hand

  • Place the flesh inside your mouth and take a bite being careful not to bite too much

  • Begin to chew until it's mushy

  • Swallow

  • Repeat



My brother and I used to cook up a lb of chopped beef, mix in several eggs, some fat free mozzarella cheese, and then sprinkle a fewshots of tabasco in the pan. Looks like hell, but tastey, and chock full o' protein.

On other occassions, I'll grab one of those large canned chickens, put in a bowl, microwave with some salsa, and add a dab of sour cream on top.

As a snack (great for low carbing it), you can nuke pieces of turkey pepperoni, then put pieces of fat free cheese on top (closest you'll get to satisfying your pizza craving)



Cottage cheese
Chocolate protein powder
Peanut butter

Mix, enjoy.


eww. i hope you blend it or add milk, i just added 1 1/2 scoops vanilla whey to my cottage cheese and it turned into that glue-paste you make in kindergarden, i literally had to choke it down.


Canned Tuna (drained and nuked for a min)
Pecans or Walnuts
Celery chunks
Black pepper
Hot sauce/paprika/mayo




scramble eggs, add half&half, some cheese, vegetables, pour in a pie tin and bake

Deli meat roll-ups
the meat, some spinach, cheese, roll up and eat