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Favorite Crockpot Recipes


I’m a single dad raising three boys full time. We all stay in good shape, but I need some help with healthy dinner ideas. I’m looking for healthy, high protein, easy crockpot recipes to make on Sundays while I have time. All of us workout with our different sports and activities, but because we’re so busy dinner can often defer to pizza, take out, etc.

I usually either make white chicken chili or a pot roast in the slow cooker. I’m open to suggestions. Thanks.

chilis, stews, soups…

I’ll buy 5 links of Italian Sausage (20oz), cut it up, brown it and add it to white beans and chicken broth. I’m making a split pea soup right now with pieces of a whole ham I bought for $.99/lb.

Do this:

  1. brown a protein in a pan along with onion and garlic.
  2. Transfer to slow cooker, add beans.
  3. Cover with chicken stock.

If you want a red, chili type sauce add a couple of tbsps of tomato sauce during step one.
If you want a more traditional soup, dice celery and carrots and add during step 2
Build your flavors during step 1 with spices, deglaze the pan with wine, etc.
Chiffonade* kale and add it to the pot the last 10 minutes.

*Chiffonade is French for "roll leaves into a cigar shape, then cut into strips."

Beef Cheek makes for a cheap and delicious slow cook recipe. I’d recommend 1 cheek each if you have good appetites.

4 Cheeks
2 Onions
5 Cloves of Garlic
Bottle of Red wine/500ml of Guinness or preferred stout
3 Bay Leaves
Flour for thickening, can use tomato puree if preferred
Assorted Veg (Whatever you have in Fridge carrots, celery, tomatoes etc)
500ml of Chicken/Beef stock

Season cheeks all over with salt and pepper. Brown and set aside. Chop onions and garlic roughly. Saute until softened. Add flour/tomato paste stir and cook off for 1 min. Return cheeks to pot. Add preferred alcohol. Cook off for 5 mins or so. Add stock, veg and bay leaves. Leave to simmer on a low heat for 5 hours min or if using an oven proof pot put in a preheated oven at 140 Celsius/285 Fahrenheit for same length.

turkey breast
chopped onions
minced garlic
sundried tomatoes
kalamata olives
juice from 1/2 lemon
chicken broth

throw everything in the slow cooker and fill 1/3 way up with broth.

2-3 pound pot roast, thawed; I prefer a shoulder roast
1 bottle of your favorite Italian vinaigrette dressing
Water to cover

Let cook on medium overnight, or 7-8 hours


I’ve actually got one going right now. Been on all day and will be for another few hours…

2.5 pounds of steak chunks (I think we used sirloin, but anything will do.)
About 4 cups salsa, 4 Tbsp soy sauce, and 4 Tbsp brown sugar.
Stir it all together and let it go. Will be served with rice.

Another of my go-to’s is:
Giant loin of pork
A ton of sauerkraut, mostly drained, and 2-3 apples, skin on and cut into medium-sized chunks.
Pork in the pot, smother with 'kraut and apples, and let it go all day as usual.

Slow cookers/crock pots are pretty under-rated but have been discussed a few times over the years because they’re super-useful. Might be able to get some more ideas here:

And Dan John had this solid article about cooking, meal prep, and other practical info that might be worth checking out:

Ive been making a chili about once a month

2lbs ground beef
.5lb chorizo
2 bell peppers
2 medium sized onions
3-4 jalapenos
5-6 large carrots diced
2 cans black beans
tomato paste 1 can
and I use v8 spicy hot the 64oz bottle for the sauce
and about 1.5 cups white rice to thicken it up and give it some more carbs

I prefer a thicker chili so this is great for me and I usually just eat it with tortilla chips

lots of cumin, smoked paprika, chili powder, garlic and onion salt however spicy youd like

I’ve gotten into the habit of just tossing a whole chicken into the pot, pouring a bunch of dry spices on top of it, and leaving it all day. It cooks in its’ own juices and basically falls apart.

Just a note, on days when you don’t have time: nearly anything that can be made in a crockpot can be made faster in a pressure cooker. Some people think this destroys more of the nutritional value (because of the higher heat and pressure) others argue that because the cook time is significantly shorter, that less nutritional value is destroyed. The same food done in a crock pot vs a pressure cooker vs a sous vide will taste different, but it doesn’t mean that the worst tasting of the three will taste “bad”.

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[quote]JoinInTheChant wrote:

Nice user name, are you a fan of industrial music?

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[quote]Dr. Pangloss wrote:
oh man, I love Nitzer Ebb. That Total Age is one of my favorite albums, especially in the gym. I saw them open for DM around 1990 and then then again on a solo tour around 2011.[/quote]


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