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Favorite Creatine

What’s your favorite creatine that you fine people have used or use now?

I’ve got to give Met-Rx Creatine AC a big thumbs up. I had thought that I hit the limit with the creatine because the last few 6-8 week trials of good creatine with grape juice or ultra fuel didn’t do much, but not so. This stuff pushes the limit of what creatine can do. A little pricey but an awesome post workout drink:
93 g glucose
12 g creatine
10 g glutamine peptide
400 mg alpha lipoic acid
Have alone or with two scoops vanilla GROW! for a killer recovery shake. Peace.

Creatine is creatine, unless you’re talking about all those Kool-Aid formulas. Just remember that all the original studies that got everyone so excited were done on plain creatine mixed in warm liquid, hot tea, I believe. TC said once that ingesting creatine and eating some high GI white bread is about the same as buying the more expensive Kool-Aid formulas.

I just use pure creatine powder from Met RX, the micronized stuff. I mix it with glucose, one gram per kilo of bodyweight, after my workouts, and then follow up with my protein a short while after. Both my brother and I are using this formula, as directed to me by Dr. David Parry who has a clinic for athletes at the gym where I train in England, with excellent results.