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Favorite Compound and Why?

The title says it all. What is your favorite compound and why? Describe physical benefits, mental benefits, any benefits really… also reasons why it’s your favorite.

My favorite so far is masteron. Makes me horny as hell, helps with estrogen control so i don’t have to run as high of an AI dose, makes me look lean as fuarkkkkk due to dryness & my veins look straight out of a comic book. Mentally it makes me sharp as a knife and provides a constant feeling of wellbeing. What about you?

Sir you’re 19, you made you’re previous topic and acquired massive flammage, the same thing will happen here or no one will answer due to the fact (and I can understand how people would see it this way) that they don’t want to condone AAS use by people who are too young.

Mast probably makes you feel good due to the effect it has on dopamine, can’t go into detail now because I’m super sleepy, but over time (when you keep using mast) dopamine receptor downregulation will occur as the body strives to reachieve homeostasis, and thus you won’t feel so superhuman anymore, therefore be weary as running mast indefinately is probs a bad idea #lipids

I’ve always been curious about trying mast, wouldn’t be on the cards anytime soon tho, would probs try 100mg/wk on my TRT dose if I was to ever try it.

I’ve only ever tried three things

  • testosterone
  • nandrolone (very low dose, like 70mg/wk)
  • oxandrolone (supposedly, and up to 25mg/day)
    (1-androsterone if that counts, tis a dhea isomer/PH) that was around the same time I tried oxandrolone

My favorite was the oxandrolone by light years. Shot up my BP and RHR though, so whatever was in it was a nooooooooope.


going to make a new account. what’s funny is if i started a new account i would not have to hear the constant bullshit about my age. nothing anyone says about my age will change anything or my choices. :joy::joy::joy::joy: it’s funny asf i ask a question to start a topic and everyone talks about how they don’t condone it… when i didn’t ask for y’alls permission in the first place. Will see you under a different account name so you all can stop trying to be my father and instead only answer the question, since this IS a mf forum. This forum is full of either 1. young people asking about cycles when they are already on them or 2. older people who feel they need to condone something for it to happen. sorry but i am neither​:rofl:

Yeah, uh, no. Don’t.

You had several previous threads asking for advice. If you had mentioned your age in any of them, which is obviously relevant, the issue would’ve been addressed sooner.

Instead, your age was introduced via the enormous chip on your shoulder telling everyone “don’t waste your time trying to lecture me”, which clearly wasn’t an effective way to handle the topic.

In general, a sign of basic maturity is recognizing the difference between advice you want to hear vs advice you need to hear.