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Favorite Comic Book


Judging from the avatars and nicknames, there's far, far too many fanboys on here. Just wondering: what's everyone's favorites??

Book: Ultimates.
Writer: Grant Morrison
Artist: Bryan Hitch or Steve Dillon (God, I miss Preacher.)


Judge Dredd: Apocalyse War,
Rogue Trooper: anything,
The Punisher: Circle of Blood.
Oh and another 2000AD one: Bad Company, absolutely love that.

  • Mike Allred's Madman (all time fav)
  • Preacher
  • Garth Ennis's Punisher. First story arch mostly.
  • Dark Knight Returns
  • The Adventures of Barry Ween, Boy Genius
    -Sin City
    -Usagi Yojimbo (It's a Bunny, that could kill you. Rabbit Bodygaurd. That's just neat.)

Only thing I'm buying now is Supreme Powers and Ultimate Spiderman. I'm sure there are some better titles going one, but I'm only budgeted for those 2. And I dig them well enough.


I like the movies, but I was never really that into the comics. I got my log in name as a nickname in college and just used it ever since.


Barry Ween rules almost, but not quite, so hard it should be illegal.

"You guys are fucking with the wrong ten-year-old."




The entire Sandman Series by Neil Gaiman.

Hellsing by Kohta Hirano.


Anything that doesn't portray Wolverine as a sissy, i.e. new variations of him "hanging out with the gang."
Book: "Origin of Wolverine"
(surprisingly good in my opinion)

Basically, things depicting him as a high testosterone, beastly, hungry warrior. So, like me, I guess!:slight_smile:


Currently, it's hard to beat anything by...
--Warren Ellis ("Planetary" is amazing, his "Authority" was outstanding)
--Grant Morrison (wish he'd pick up a team book again; his JLA and X-Men runs were incredible)
--Peter David (Quesada proves once again that he's one of the smartest men in comics by bringing back Peter and giving him carte blanche on Hulk)
--Geoff Johns continues to do wonderful stuff with JSA and respecting the decades-old continuity of a character
--J.M.Strascynski's Spider-Man and Fantastic Four continue to surprise and amaze


It's been years...

Anything by Frank Miller
Anything by Neil Gaiman
Hellblazer / Preacher
Astro City


Morrison's relaunching WildC.A.T.s with Jim Lee on art. Says he's gonna "clean up the Wildstorm Universe". (Which I never cared about unless Warren Ellis or Mark Millar was writing.)

Straczynski's FF is great. Not as good as Waid's run, but I'm into it. His Spidey, however, is okay now that he's doing New Avengers stories, but that whole "Sins Past" thing was an absolute abomination. I've been considering dropping the book since Romita left, and I've been reading Amazing since I'm 5. (Except for the Clone Saga. I won't allow that kind of thing in my home, where my children play with their toys.)


Big shiny head, or do you run a School for Gifted Youngsters?

(And which one is more of a chick magnet? Hmm...)


I was a big fan of Wildcats and some of the Alien Vs Predator series.


The Walking Dead
The Last Man
Brian Micheal Bendis: his crime fiction before he started writing every comic produced really stands out. Also, his Daredevil has been very good and Alias was the first read out of the bag for its entire run.
Does anybody remember The Badger? That is still my favorite.


ToShinDo - Sandman

I always wanted to look into that. I think I'll double my efforts.


Brian Michael Bendis Crime.

Only thing I read of his crime was Goldfish. But I really like it. He's why I read the abridged Spider-Man.

Not a fan of all his choices in his cliff notes version. But it's a good read.

Any other Madman fans out there?


Sin City
JLA - current series, and much of the post '87
Batman, Detective Comics

A list far too big and a wallet far too small.

I have one Madman book. I once had a bunch of Hellby .pdf files, but lost them on a previous computer.

Grew up with super hero books. Wanted to be Batman. Never really kicked the habit.


Sandman & Preacher are my faves.


My favorite comic books are: HULK, Ultimate X-Men,Hellboy and pretty much all the comic books I can put my hand on. :smiley:


Green Arrow - first 12 issues by Kevin Smith were awesome.

The current crossover Identity Crisis/omac project - where Batman goes ape after "remembering" that the JLA mindwiped him.

The new run of The Avengers - really really good.