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Favorite Comedians?


Louis CK, has to be one of the top in my mind, He does a great job with comedy about being married and having kids.


When I read the thread title Louis was the first one that popped into my head.


Yep...I came in here to say Louis.

I love George Carlin and Bill Cosby and Emo Phillips and Steven Wright.




Paul Mooney

I like sara silverman because she's sexy,whitney cummings too


Jon Dore is a personal fave as far as non-mainstream comics go. I have to go with the majority going with CK though.


Mitch Hedberg
Jim Gaffigan
Dave Attell
Pablo Francisco

too many to remember right now.


Also like Jim Gaffigan and Carlin as well


Oh yeah...Mitch Hedberg. He's great. Or was.


For those interested in Mitch Hedberg, his wife put together this excellent site commemorating Mitch and his genius:



Soooo, Paul Mooney, who wrote Chapelles and Pryors jokes, doesn't even get a nod?

But Dave Attel does?


You mean the guy who considers himself a "Stolen African" ?? Yeah, props to him for writing jokes but Dave and Richard's delivery was crucial in them going over with the crowd


He still wrote a lot for both of them. Without Moone a lot of comedians would have gone unoticed. He's been around for decades writing, you don't get that kind of longevity by not being a funny mofo.


This is an example of Mitch Hedberg's comedy. He's the best comedian I have ever seen. I got to see him open for Dave Attel and Lewis Black. Mitch blew those two hacks off the stage.


I forgot about this guy. Hilarious and completely clean - a very rare combination.


Mitch swore a lot in some of his performances.


Agree with most of these, and will add Norm MacDonald. Had a few hilarious stand-up specials (would recommend his newest one, "Me Doing Standup"), but what's more impressive is how funny he is on every talk show appearance. I've heard many talk show hosts introduce him as "The funniest man I know"

Old but good: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RaeSgnMMrgE


Christopher Titus
George Lopez
Bill Maher
Russell Peters
Robin Williams
Lisa Lampanelli
Bob Newheart
Daniel Tosh
Lewis Black
Patton Oswalt


In addition to those already mentioned:

Denis Leary

Dov Davidoff

Steven Wright

Brian Regan