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Favorite Combo?


I know that I'm probably going to get trolled like crazy but I was just wondering what peoples favorite combos are. (Boxing, Muay Thai, whatever)


I remember an old one


Jab, Jab... Explosive Hook (L) (ala Roy Jones), Uppercut (R), Hook (L), Cross (R)


(L) stiff jab, (L) feint, (R)cross, (L)hook, (R)uppercut. It was the first training combo I was taught, and it still works. You're progressively closing the distance while changing the angle of attack, and you can slip into the hook and/or uppercut if he's countering. In my experience, if the cross lands they'll be on their heels for the rest of it, if they slip it your hook is probably not going to do much other than line them back up and the uppercut it the moneymaker.


Down, Down+Left, Left, Punch button (any of them).
Repeat until thumbs fall off.




i'm left handed, with only hands:

gauge distance with jab, straight left, right hook, left upper.

it's my favorite one

with legs too, i like to stick with the basics

jab, left low kick, left hook.


Using series of straight rights and left hooks while moving forward to set up right muay thai leg kick. Doesn't really work so well if you can't get your opponent/sparring partner backpedaling, but if you are training with a guy who likes to run a lot to avoid kicks this is the most effective way to close the distance for lowkicks that I know of.


I laughed.


Left nut punch to right nut punch followed by taint kick.

50% of the time, it works... every time.


Jab, Cross, Hook, Cross, Weave to side of cross, cross, hook, cross, weave to side of hook, hook cross hook <3

Or the Quad Jab always works well


i think you are playing too much tekken


Just realized that doesn't even qualify as a combo... It's only one attack... Damn.


fighting orthodox:

jab to the head, cross to the sternum, left hook to the head, right straight as they backpeddle.

My personal favorite though is jab, jab, fake right straight (or throw a looping hook) while loading up for the liver punch, and then step in and let it go. It's surprising how many guys are willing to open up their body just so they dont get hit in the face. Which has never made sense to me because liver punches HURT more than anything I know.


This is really the only combination I use. Although I shelf the jab and come in underneath their's. I can't really keep up with all the eleven punch combinations that are getting posted on here.

Maybe I'll start a counter punching thread...


jab jab setup the overhand right


Yes, i mean if they are conecting 11-hit combos they are fighting chumps or hitting the heavy bag, because try a flurry like a madman and you get taken down or heavily counterpunched if it~s too predictable.


The good old Micky Ward touch the head and dig the body. Works like a charm and hurts like hell.


Left, Down, Down+Left+Punch button.

Fireballs are so last week. :wink:


How are you guys throwing a cross to the sternum? Are you fighting people who like to keep a really low lead hand? Or are you perhaps throwing a looping overhand to the sternum? It would just seem like a straight right would be a better option there.


I train muay thai, last time I went for a cross to the sternum I ate a knee. I've never done that ever since.

Where/how do you target the liver punch? In my MT gym they dont really teach/train punches much. Mainly the standard jabs, cross, hooks and uppercuts only, aimed to the head almost ALL the time.

im a lefty.
hands : R jab, R jab, R jab(feint), L cross, R hook or uppercut. all while closing the distance. hook/uppercut depending on distance/angle

saw this on a video of Phil Nurse, and it has worked wonders. Switched stance so left leg is front (orthodox?)
-L kick to body, L kick to body, L kick to head (hard).
I use my left leg cause it's faster and stronger. plus, sort of a blindspot for the opponent when you aim for the head using your front leg, no one expects it.