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Favorite cologne?

What does everyone, especially you girls, like?

My girl goes wild for Mambo, and she likes Fahrenheit too.

Tommy Hilfiger’s T, Polo Sport, and Curve.

Be by Calvin Klein, Pasha by Cartier, and Egoiste by Chanel

I like Nautica Competition; it’s light and usually what I wear during the summer. Dorky and juvenile as it sounds, the Abercrombie & Fitch cologne is nice. During the winter, I like some thing stronger, like Fahrenheit. And, sometimes you just have to go Old Skool and splash on a little Old Spice.

I prefer the scent of a freshly showered bod. With my asthma a “cologne/perfume free” world would be nice.

I(my gf as well) like Gio, Curve, and DKNY.

Blue Jeans by Versace,Obsession, and remarkably enough I have gotten the most compliments or attention when I have worn my plain ordinary Old Spice.

I really like Joop and Curve!

I love Intuition by Lauder and Romance by Ralph Lauren. Other good ones: Allure by Chanel, Candie’s by Claiborne, and Acqua di Gio by Armani. Guys remember–try it on before you buy it to see how it works with your body chemistry. It may knock my socks off, or keep me at a distance. New ones to look for this fall: Mania by Armani, Polo Blue by Lauren, Bora Bora by Claiborne, Crave by Calvin Klein.

Don’t really care. Just don’t use to much, and do’t wear it in the gym.

My fav right now is Gio by Armani. Definte chick magnet. :wink:

I have to agree with Patricia - the whole freshly showered and shaven scent/feel is the BEST! About the only time I would want to notice a scent other than “clean” on a man is after particular “acts” that involve MY scent. :wink: I don’t have allergies or anything like that but a fresh, clean man is sooo much more yummy than one loaded with cologne. Besides, have you guys ever kissed/licked a girl on the throat (or wherever she applies perfume)? It is one of the most hideous tastes you can get in your mouth and almost nothing will remove it.

Drakkar is the best… but only with the right body chemistry, on some guys it smells like absolute shit. Cool Water and Boucheron are nice as well. I also am a big fan of ‘man’ as in, no cologne, no aftershave, no nothing.

Aqua di Gio by Armani, the only one I have used for years. Clinique Happy is OK though

I like the smell of a bitch who just had a smoke.

Try Burberrys its a mens store in london, chicks love IT