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Favorite Christmas Movie

This is a topic I feel very passionatly(sp?) about. I may get flamed also, as some may feel Christmas movies generally suck. And most do. However, there are a select few. Here are my classics that are played ever December:

  1. It’s a Wonderful Life-the best, purely uplifting.
  2. A Christmas Carol (original, early 50’s, w/ Alastair Sim)-by far the best cover of the Dickens classic.
  3. Christmas Vacation-Randy Quaid should’ve swept the Oscars for this installments portrayel of Cousin Eddy. Uncle Louis is also just too funny.
  4. A Charlie Brown Christmas-(I know, I’m a big kid) this is the ONLY major movie/show that states the TRUE meaning of Christmas
    (Linus’s direct quote of the book of Luke).
    Now your turn.

1]‘Scrooged’ with Bill Murray

2]‘Xmas vacation’ with Chevy Chase

3]‘A Xmas story’ with some kid :slight_smile:

Okay, the two must-see Christmas flicks for moi, are: Die Hard (you know, it does take place around Christmas…), and The Ref. Optional: Scrooged, and A Christmas Carrol (the one w/George C. Scott as Ebenezer).

“National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” (“Save the neck for me, Clark!”) followed closely by the original “Die Hard”:). You can throw in “A Christmas Story,” too, as it does have some violence (he almost shoots his eye out).

1)“A Christmas Story”

Surely becoming a Christmas Classic. A nostalgic, simple, warm “feel-good” movie. All little Ralphie (Peter Billingsley) wants under the tree on Christmas morning is a Daisy Brand Red-Ryder BB rifle…

2)“A Christmas Carol” (As Patricia, with George C. Scott…by far the best…)

3)“It’s A Wonderful Life”

4)“White Christmas” (Actually…my two favorite songs in the movie are “We’ll Follow The Old Man…!” and “Sister’s…”, NOT “White Christmas”…


I’m gonna second Patricia and Eric on “Die Hard”. Oh yeah, there’s something magical about “The Gremlins” too ;]

A Christmas Story for sure gets my vote. And if Die Hard counts as a XMas movie, it will get my vote as well.

I’ll go with Die Hard as favorite Chiristmas movie as well. You know Ebert gave it a big porky thumbs down.

My picks:

  1. A Christmas Story-love the elves and Santa

  2. The Muppet Christmas Carol-Frogs rule

The TRUE meaning of Christmas? That’s an easy one: First Blood. :slight_smile:

I can’t believe I forgot “The Ref” and “Scrooged.” Pure classics, regardless of whether we’re only talking about X-Mas movies!

Im 34 and I still love to watch the Christmas classic’s A Year Without A Santa Clause,(Hot Miser, Cold Miser). Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer. (Ukon) (Silver and Gold).

the ref, and home alone

You all have brought up other titles that I love (and forgot about) as well. Scrooged, The Mupppets, and yes, Rudolph with Yukon and Herbie.

I think you all are forgetting Emmitt Otter’s Jugband Christmas. “Riiiivvvveeerrrr Bottom Nightmare”

My Favorites are probably Scrooged and a Christmas Story.

Yeah, I love them old Christmas TV classics: Rudolph The Rednose Raindeer, A Year Without a Santa Clause - basically any of those shows with puppet-like characters with metal plates in their mouths. Hey, look closely, people! I swear!

I useto absolutely adore It's a Wonderful Life. Basically I'm a sucker for anything Frank Capra and anything Jimmy Stewart. I looked forward to the holidays due to this movie. It's meaning had never dimmed over time. THEN, that one cable channel began having It's a Wonderful Life marathons. And it became "colorized" *horrified look*. And the charm of this film became lost. I still will try to catch it, though. For at least once during the holidays.

But, Demo: First Blood? :-)

twoody:Amen brotha. how could I have forgotten Emmitt?
Patricia: It’s a Wonderful Life airs this Sat. @8:00(eastern) on NBC. So that would be like 4 or 5 out there, correct? On a similar note, did you like The Majestic? The critics drawed many paralells between the two, but I thought it was just alright; nothing amazing.

I love those old skool Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindoor shows (the animated ones, but not cartoon animated) and the others like it with Jack Frost and Santa. Die Hard is a classic as is Jim Carey in The Grinch!

I love just about any movie that is based on A Christmas Carol…even the Disney ones with Mickey and all. I LOVE Screwged. That is one of my all time favorite movies. Bill Murray is great! Christmas Story is also great. I like the Rudolph type animations as well.

Your Gonna Shoot Your Eye Out !!!