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Favorite Childhood Cartoon


My kids were asking me what my favorite childhood cartoon was. Growing up in the late-70s/early-80s with Saturday morning cartoons, I really had to think about it.

I decided on: Star Blazers (Anyone remember that one?)

Closely followed by a 3-way tie for 2nd place: Speed Racer, Johnny Quest, and Loony Tunes (1940s/50s era).



Transformers and He-Man and I have very vague memories of sitting through entire episodes of The Electric Company just waiting for their version of Spiderman.




That was the only reason I watched The Electric Company as a kid.


I loved Star Blazers! Robotech, Transformers, and Voltron were my other favs. At least those were the ones I made a conscious effort to watch.


Ninja Turtles.


G.I. Joe
He Man

Also Spider-man was probably the only reason I watched Electric company I would wait the entire episode for what was probably a 3 minute skit. Ahhh the good ol' days.


This man has good taste...except that he left off the Silver Hawks.

When I was real little, I NEVER missed Laser Tag.

When I was even smaller, I actually watched that piece of crap Rubik The Magic Cube...as if that wasn't a cry for more toy money from the creators.


Bunch of nickelodeon stuff from the 90s.

Bump in the Night (The opening theme song would get stuck in my head for hours and hours)

G.I. Joe
Aladdin series


G-Force by far

GI Joe
Foghorn Leghorn

If I was desperate
Go Bots
Looney Tunes
Justice League
Inspector Gadget


transformers, voltron, ren and stimpy, simpsons


Hmmm... I'm a lot younger than some people around here... so most of it was Nickelodeon shit.

If we're talking cartoons only, I'd say:

Hey Arnold!
Rugrats pre-movie was alright, too.


Damnit people, this thread is useless withouts pictures. Haven't you learned by now. Noobs.






What the fuck is Electric Company and why is Spider-man talking to a Wall?

LOL I put up the wrong pic. This is my last post. You guys dropped ball by not posting pics.


Here's a video of Spidey on The Electric Company (also has Morgan Freeman in it):

Here's Spidey vs The Wall:


Noted that Spidey is a Mets fan...


What the hell?? Spider man doesn't talk. Instead, a dialog box appears. That's some good weed they had back then.

And the 70's porno guitar strumming is great.


My kids are intrigued with "The Electric Company" now.

Why do they dress funny?