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Favorite Chicken Breast Seasonings?

Just wondering what is everyone’s favorite seasonings to add to chicken breast to make it more enjoyable without drastically effecting macros?

My go to at the moment is a light sprinkle of Southern Fried Chicken seasoning! But as it gets eaten every day I slowly lose interest haha :slight_smile:

I use mrs dash. I mix the table blend with the spicy at 3 parts table to 1 part spicy.
Basically I’m a mrs dash nut, I put that shit on everything!

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Great topic I can’t believe we all don’t talk more about this.
I eat 7# of chicken breast a week and trying to make that tasty can be a real pain in the ass at times.
Lately I’ve gone to frying strips with olive oil low heat (no smoke) using home made whole wheat bread crumbs stuck on with egg whites. I will use different sauses from Taco bell hot packs to Texas Roadhouse hot sause. For my carbs it is always 1 whole sweet pototos with olive oil and pink salt or 1/4 cup wild rice.


It might be hard to find depending on where you live, so you can always order it online, but get some McCormick Jamaican Jerk Seasoning.

Marinate the breasts in soy sauce, vinegar, olive oil and plenty of jerk spice. You’ll thank me later!


Try crushed Ritz crackers and add some heavy cream to your egg whites. Oh Yeah!


Don’t eat chicken breast as often as I used to since the thighs are so much better, but do use Weber “Kick’n Chicken” seasoning and Spice Hunter Jerk seasoning are my go to’s if it’s plain old chicken. I really like seasoning with my fried chicken seasoning, coating in panko and cooking in the air fryer.

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Turmeric, cumin, cardamom, and a nice dash of paprika, broiled.


I’m not the OP but just wanted to thank you all for some great chicken ideas.


I prefer chicken thighs myself

But I think red chili powder, cumin, turmeric, salt, and lime juice is often enough. My dad does this as a makeshift tandoori paste

Tones creole seasoning is fire

Look in the dressing isle of your grocery store. They have Weber Grill Mates marinade packs. I use mostly chicken thighs. Toss in a few pounds into a bag with oil and vinegar. You can buy a bunch of diff flavors and find out which one you like best. This is my meal prep every Sunday.

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Hot wing sauce. I cut chicken breasts into 3-4 slices or chunks to get more sauce on them, then bake them in maybe a cup or so of sauce. Minimal prep, good over rice or with blue cheese in a salad or wrap. I find it really tolerable.


Steaming it with chicken broth and shredding it allows for a good, juicy base to add some low-cal BBQ or buffalo sauce and slap it on a wheat bun with lettuce for a pulled chicken sandwich.


I’m laughing as I reread this. I guess it’s the highest praise I could come up with for something I’m going to eat five days in a row, lol.


Poaching shouldn’t affect the macros at all. I put chicken breasts in a freezer bag with salt, pepper, garlic, basil, and sliced up carrots, celery, onion, and lemon. Usually use the frozen cubes of garlic and basil. Just enough chicken stock to keep everything wet. Seal it up and poach it in a sous vide cooker (best $5 I ever spent at a garage sale). It comes out with a mild flavor. The chicken usually ends up chopped up on a salad, in spaghetti sauce, in a curry, under some salsa; any of which give it more flavor. But the poaching keeps the chicken breast moist with a great texture–which I’ve found makes a bigger difference than flavor.