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Favorite Cheat Meal

So… post your favorite cheat meal.

Mine is a Chipotle white flour steak burrito, with sour cream, white rice, hot sauce, guacamoli,and a bag of chips on the side. mmmmmm

Fish sticks. Lots of fish sticks.

Or, Pizza. Lots of pizza.

Or, chinese food. LOTS of chinese food.


4 Bacon Cheeseburgers
1 extra large meat lovers pizza
1 medium cheesecake… with strawberry’s
and a 4 pack of AMP any flavor.

Golden Corral


Yeah I’d have to agree and go with pizza. Throw candy into the mix.

A good pizza.
or Pad Thai! mmmmmmmm

Homewrecker burrito from Moes. Extra ground beef with a side of guac to wolf the bag of tortilla chips down with.

Moes as Moes Southwest Grill? If so thats my next cheat meal…

Thai food definitely. Curry Pad Thai. There’s a thai buffet near where I work and daily I try and rationalize making a trip there.

Pasta with alfredo sauce is also an awesome cheat meal, or just good old velveeta mac & cheese. Mac & Cheese used to be a pretty big staple of my diet before I started working out…

Pizza and slop shop Chinese food for me. Friday night I had a giant container of shrimp with mixed veggies and 6 crab ragoons about the size of my fist, washed down with 4 PBRs. buuurp

Fried chicken and beer.

Burger + Fries

the correct answer is pizza.

Crab cakes

-Large costco pizza
-Tub of chocolate cookie dough with brownie bites with peanut m and m’s mixed in
-3 chipotle burrito’s, extra steak, sour cream, cheese, black beans
-4x4 at in n out
-large cold stones ice cream
-chocolate chip cheesecake

…can you tell i’m dieting? lol

BBQ chicken pizza, with salami and mushroom…and ice cream for desert.


Allow me to show off a bit.

once a week trip to my condo in mexico and I get this meal 3 times a day sometimes 4 if im hungry
carne asada with avacado about 2 pounds worth of beefy goodness,rice with lima beans,carrots tomotes, pinto beans cheese and a bud light.

best part is
the meal is $3.50

heres after,this was just the other day BTW I went and got another i was hungry still

And moma would be proud,not a drop of beer was wasted in this adventure