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Favorite Brand of White Tee (V-Necks)


I was just curious as to what everyone's favorite brand of white t-shirts is. Personally I always get v-necks, and have tried a lot of different brands I find that Banana Republic ones are nice (sturdy, good amount of V, not sloppy) but pricey, and Hanes are good for about one wear and you stick em in the wash and their done(always shrink). If there are any good bulk white tees out there let me know.


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Why the V neck? I have never worn V necks so I'm just curious, not mocking. Me personal Favs are Jockey. They fit nicley and they are SOFT as hell. Plus no tag makes them about the most comfy thing I put on my upper half.



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Allen Solley is the best brand of plain white T-'s that I've found. They're constructed for an athletic build so they fit well through the arms, chest and shoulders without looking like a UA fitted shirt. I've only recently began to appreciate the v-neck so my experience with the white T's is strictly regular. Check 'em out.


I get mine hand tailored by celtics. A little expensive, but worth it if you want a nice v-taper.


If you want the best, you have to go with the best.

I understand he has a waiting list of up to 6 months...


If you haven't ordered yet, its highly unlikely you'll get it in time for Christmas.


Hanes 6 pack for 10 bucks at Target. Cheap enough to workout in and toss if they get nasty. Arms are a little short for me because I have monkey arms but the V is just right. Never had luck with nicer V neck. The V is always too small or the XL is too small.


Thanks for the input guys, Vegita I used to rock the crew necks recently switched over, I find the V gives my neck room to breath (got an 18incher) along with not looking sloppy when the collar gets stretched on a crew.

Also when wearing shades it's a convenient place to hand sunglasses without then digging into my neck as with a crew. I think they look better too, but that;s just in my opinion, my buds like to give me shit for wearn them.

WF were do you get those Allen Solly tees sounds promising. Thanks

I wish I had the cash to get a Celts custom fit tee, but its tough right now hahah; when I searched for similar threads the only ones that came up were Celtics I had a good chuckle over those.


You seem like a cool guy, I'll hook you up:


In case you don't know much about him, he was one of the most epicest trolls to troll. From posting video responses to putting up pictures of his dick on /fit/ to calling out everyone in sight, he was the best. Some may say he was just a bitch or a retard, most likely they got called out and are still ass-hurt or jelly.


I've given up on cotton and gone completely synthetic...

Undershirts, boxer briefs, socks... Hell even my polo shirts, camp shirts, khaki shorts...all moisture-wicking synthetics.

They don't fade. They don't bleed. They don't wrinkle. They don't lose shape after a bunch of wash n wear. I've got a set of ten UnderArmour boxer briefs I bought 4 years ago...and they still look brand new. Shit, my drawers are like Styrofoam...they'll still be here in the year 3000. :wink:

As far as v-necks go...these are what I wear.


Shit is not cheap at all...but I love 'em.


I've lurked on here for a while so i'm somewhat familiar with the mighty Celtics work, his video blog was my personal favorite.


men's tactical V neck? does it come with a utility belt?


I agree JP I have 3 pair of the UA boxer briefs I rotate for training, work great. I've always worn compression shirts, but always have to cut my own v into them if I wanted to wear it under a v-neck. Might go pick up a loose fit and a compression UA v-neck, thanks for the link.


Yes, and I've autographed one and I'm sending it to you immediately.


H&M basic tshirts are heavenly. Whenever im in New York,I make sure I cop a couple a pair. American Apparel are a good substitute aswell.



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J Crew makes a good v-neck, but I def agree with the Bannana Republic as well. I too recently made the switch to V-neck after watching a Hills marathon.