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Favorite Brand of Black Tea


For the most part I go straight Black Lipton, it's cheap and gets the job done. But recently I have been playing around with some black flavored teas. My current favorite is a Black Currant Variety. Absolutely delicious.




I just bought a cinnamon spiced Russian black tea from a local farmers mkt. The best I've ever had.


I'm more of a green tea guy, so my favorite black tea is the green kind.

But seriously, any black tea with some lemon, honey, and mint leaves is straight up gold.


Also, buying tea from any cafe or restaurant is straight up ridiculous. They charge anywhere from $2-$4 for low quality tea, and you only get a cup. Save your money, brew your own at home, and invest the rest. Think about it, saving a dollar or two a day really ads up, especially if your putting it in an IRA.


I've been drinking Trader Joe's English Breakfast Tea lately ... pretty decent .. but not as good as Tazo


Ahmad loose tea. Comes in a tin.

Shahrzad loose tea. Comes in a bag.

My wife is from Iran and she approves of both.


That's one of the weirdest qualifications I have ever heard.



PG Tips


lipton Black Pearl brand pyramid shaped bag nice flavor


I just drink 2 big cups of coffee every morning.


Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.

Stash makes great teas and they're cheap, too.


I love this stuff.


I've been drinking Trader Joe's Black English Tea for over a year. Price is right and taste good.


This one is not like the others.


I have only ever drank tea from a bag, never loose. Is the flavor really different? I have drank a few types of teas but, I can barely taste anything.