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Favorite Biotest Supplements

To all T-Nationalists:

What are your favorite Biotest supplements and why do you like them? I’m personally interested in Methoxy-7, Alpha Male, and Carbolin 19.

Can anyone comment on their personal experiences with these particular supplements as well as tell me about some of your other favorites?


[u]Low-Carb Grow!:[/u] Tastes great and is high quality. A great food supplement that comes in handy on a regular basis. I’ve been using Grow! since it was first introduced back in the day. This is a staple in my diet.

[u]Surge:[/u] Awesome! Love the taste, and I can tell the difference from using it. I’ve also used this since it was first introduced. I hate going without it. This is a staple in my diet.

[u]HOT-ROX:[/u] The best fat burner I’ve ever used. But you must have your training and nutrition dialed in perfectly if you really want to see the potential. Otherwise, it works well to keep fat to a minimum when gaining. I use it off and on throughout the year depending on my goals.

[u]ZMA:[/u] Just like a multi-vitamin, I use this for “insurance” and for the wonderful and restful sleep as well as vivid dreams. This should be a staple for everyone. I’ve also used this since it was first introduced.

These are the only things I use on a regular basis and highly recommend to others, especially since two are food supplements, one is a vitamin/mineral, and the other is a great training-specific supplement.

I’ve also tried/used a lot of other Biotest products (M, Power Drive, Grow! bars) some of which are no longer around such as Androsol, Nandrosol, MD6, TRIBEX, MAG-10, etc.

I have no interest in many other Biostest supplements because I would rather spend my money on stuff that helps with one of the most important aspects besides my training: Nutrition.

I sure miss MAG-10, but Grow! is the best protein shake on the market IMO, and ZMA is way underrated (if nothing else, for the wild/vivid dreams).

Surge - mixes easy and I feel better using it versus not using it.

Surge and Low-Carb Grow! are great. I’ll occasionally take one of the other supps, but these are pretty much staples of my diet.

So, is nobody taking Methoxy-7 or Alpha Male?

Alpha Male, RED KAT, and Surge!.

Grow! Bars

I currently have the line of Biotest products in stock.

I use a stack of Methoxy-7, Carbolin 19, and Alpha Male during my build cycles for training. Keeps me lean and building throughout eating phases that come near 7,000kcals p/ day.

Methoxy-7 has consistently been a favorite of mine since it was originally released.

More recently, I really like the gains I’ve seen with Carbolin 19.

These two make a great stack.

If I HAD to pick one, it would be a savage battle between Grow! and Surge

With a phenomenal taste and amazing results, I would inevitably decide on Surge. It has made a HUGE difference in both workout intensity and recovery!

[quote]samir wrote:
So, is nobody taking Methoxy-7 or Alpha Male?[/quote]

You asked for favorites, not what people are taking.

I like Low-Carb Grow!, Alpha Male, and Spike. I have really gotten results from using these. Alpha Male helped me break a plateau.

Nothing beats the portable convenience of the Grow! bar.

However, I don’t know if that is going to be considered a supplement… hmmm. Picky buggers.

Methoxy-7 is up there for me… it seems to be associated with periods of achieving more new maxes. I kind of like that!

[quote]Need4Speed wrote:
samir wrote:
So, is nobody taking Methoxy-7 or Alpha Male?

You asked for favorites, not what people are taking.[/quote]

You’re one of those petty people aren’t you? Why do people have to get on these threads and point out stupid stuff. If you were smart you’d know what I meant.

Low-Carb Grow!
Because it’s a necessity

Grow! bars
Convenient portable protein is always good for those times when you can’t fit in a decent meal

I personally dislike the taste but I definately feel the difference when I train with it and without it.

The rest is just “extra” in my book, the above named products are standard in my cupboard.

I like Grow!. It is very good.
Alpha Male is also very good. I was skeptical of this until I used it. That wiped away any skepticism!
I just recieved an order of Spike. The claims that were made are absolutely True.
In fact, everything I have tried so far- TRIBEX, MAG-10, Alpha Male, Grow, and Spike have performed exactly as was stated.
I would recomend any one of those as long as it fits your goals.

Much like everyone else Grow! and Surge are always at the top of the list. Those two and ZMA are what I buy each and every month.With that being said I really like Alpha Male and HOT-ROX is great for cutting.

GROW! Protein powder. Best tasting highest quality on the face of the earth!

(No seriously…)