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Favorite Biotest Supplements of All Time


This has probably been done before,but what's everybodys favorite.Mine was 4-AD-EC. It was a potent muscle builder and a potent fat burner.I took it first in 02 and went from 195 to 203 in just 2 weeks,this was without adding more calories to my diet.All my lifts went up and I lost about 4 pounds of fat.(I did this while on a cutting diet of about 2100-2300 calories)

In the dark ages between MD-6 and HOT-ROX, I took 4-AD-EC in early 03 to get my abs back after the holidays,with no fat-burners,I did something simalar calorie wise to V-Diet(about 1400 calories)and lost and average of about 3.8 pounds of fat a week while adding almost a pound of mucsle over 5 weeks.(I've kept all my eating,progress,and workout journals since 2000)4-AD-EC was awesome,we have actvist judges banning the Pledge of Allegence and giving child molesters only 60 days in jail,why can't we have activist T-Man judges striking down the pro-hormone laws.


I am a big fan of MAG-10 myself....I never had a chance to try 4-AD-EC alone.

Does any country allow PHs anymore?


You should have re-worded your question because most are gonna say Grow! and Surge. Yes, I couldn't imagine training hard and not using those products but they're more of a 'staple' and not a 'favorite'.

I'm really starting to gain an affinity for Carbolin 19 myself.


MAG-10 without a doubt. MD6 is a close second.


I'm sure they do,but why get PH's when you can get the real thing.4-AD and MAG-10 were safe and legal,thats what made them better than steriods for me.I loved MAG-10,but the reason 4-AD was my fav. is because you could take it up to 16 weeks straight before cycling.


Yeah,I just thought of that.I mean,I have spent more money on the staples,but I really don't consider them supplements,I consider Surge and Metabolic Drive really healthy foods.


The one and only time I tried MAG-10 I got the liquid formula. It was like ingesting liquid drano but it def. worked like no other. After like 4 months off I started back up at the gym and in two weeks time (using MAG-10) I was exactly where I left off. That stuff was off the charts!!


I have to say that Androsol spray was about as real as anything. I would stack it with 1 AD, and my strength went through the roof.


Androsol with MD6 helped me sooo much while on T-dawg diet and cutting for spring break in college. Remember 80 sprays that shit was dope!!