Favorite Biotest Product

I know that not everyone who reads T Nation uses Biotest products, but I’m kinda curious about the breakdown here in T Nation+.

Do you use Biotest supplements? Why or why not (if you feel like discussing that)?

And if yes, what’s your favorite product past and present?

For me, I’ve been using Biotest products exclusively for a very long time now. And it’s pretty simple: they make what I want, and the quality is always top notch.

Favorite past product: 'Quila Lime Spike Shooter (like just wow, that flavor)

Favorite current product: Probably a tie between Mag-10 and Superfood

Overall, I’ve been very appreciative of the general health and quality of life products they have put out over the last few years.

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Really good question. Currently, I use Micellar Curcumin, Mag-10, and Indigo-3G. I use Mag-10 and Curcumin on a daily basis. Oh, and I also have both flavors of the FiniBars, which I love.

It looks like I’ve been buying Biotest supplements since 2006! That’s a little insane. The constant has been Finibars and Curcumin.

For me, Biotest supplements not only were ‘first to market’ with scientifically backed supplements, but they’ve kept it simple. Nothing outrageous or filled with too many ingredients.

Man, I don’t think I actually answered the question - of did I?


Great question!

Favorite performance product: Surge Workout Fuel. I’ve documented this elsewhere, but adding this supplement to my world allowed me to complete a program I was unable to complete without it.

Favorite product: Flameout. I’m 41, and this product made a legitimate difference in my lipid profile in my bloodwork.

Newest thing I’m excited about: Metabolic Drive. It tastes good (@SBT don’t forget the one chocolate + one vanilla) and it makes life easy (I recently did a pretty faithful run of the V-Diet).

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Dude, so good!

I totally didn’t forget and I didn’t just go make it and I certainly am not sitting here sipping it right now for the first time.

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I feel like this is huge. I much prefer the targeted approach rather than kitchen sink products.

Also, I’ve said it before, but I honestly have to keep the Fini bars in the high cabinet above the fridge. They are just too delicious.

It took a long time before I jumped into Biotest products after joining the site but now that I have I don’t think I can go back.

First product I tried was Alpha Male. It was the first test booster type product I had used (out of about 8-10) that actually gave a noticeable difference in energy (among other things).

After that I did the Surge Challenge last year and that product hooked me on Biotest as a company that knows their stuff. Hands down the best workout formula I ever used. Pumps were insane and I felt like I could go forever in the weight room. It remains a favorite product though I am not currently using it.

Current favorite products are Metabolic Drive, Elite Pro Minerals, and Superfood.
Metabolic Drive is simply a killer protein powder. I ran out of it a couple weeks ago and had to go back to a “MainsTream” whey protein and it tore up my gut. I don’t get that protein gut feeling with Drive (maybe because it’s a blend of whey/caesin or maybe because it just mixes so well, I don’t know).


I am torn between Flameout and Metabolic Drive.

Flameout is the first time I took an anti-inflammation supplement and REALLY felt it. Difference between it and cheapo fish oil was night and day.

Metabolic Drive is the most superior protein powder I’ve sued. It keeps me satiated, mixes INCREDIBLY well, and the vanilla flavor is delicious.

I use a ton of products, appreciate them all, but those 2 rank top.


I don’t even like thinking about choosing a favorite Biotest supp, or worst, playing the “you can only use one” game. But I do know this: my lifestyle and diet would have to be totally rethought and replanned if I couldn’t use Metabolic Drive. And life would be less enjoyable without protein cookies, cakes, pies, and pancakes.

Speaking of Flameout… The first fish oil product I ever used was in the mid-90s. It was part of some type of kit that came with other tablets and capsules. They didn’t even call it fish oil since apparently the marketers decided that that sounded too gross for the lay population. So they called it “marine lipids.”

That single capsule was so stinky you could smell it through the packaging, through the kit’s box, and through the cabinet you stored the box in. A single burp after taking it could clear a room. And of course, you probably needed about a dozen of them to equal the potency of a single Flameout.

Made me extra-appreciate Biotest Flameout when it came out.


Especially on the site. It’s like picking your favorite kid… and then telling them (which is also an interesting Saturday).


I’ve said this in plenty of places on this forum, but I will reiterate it here: Brain Candy is my absolute ‘favorite’ supplement, hands down. I’ve consumed essentially 1 brain candy per day, every day, since its release… which was maybe like 10 years ago? I rely heavily on it. The only days I’ve missed were when it was out of stock and I waited too long to order, haha. But I love it. Over the last few months, since the caffeinated version has been out of stock, I’ve been supplementing with Spike Shooters, and those have been great as well.

So that being said, I think the most valuable supplement I have is Surge Workout Fuel. Previously I would have said Plazma (I used that every single workout for years), but SWF is better. I’ve believed for a long time that peri-workout nutrition is a game changer. Everyone should be using it, and SWF is the best product on the market, period.

Over the last year, I’ve added I-Well and Flameout, as I have begun to value my health more as I’ve gotten older. Those are now staples for me. As Pwnisher mentioned, they’re health-oriented products that have very tangible benefits. You can actually feel a difference.

Oh maaaan, this takes me back to college. I used to buy bottles of either fish oil or flax oil from supplement stores, and just squirt it in my mouth. I can’t imagine doing that now. The fish oil was particularly awful!


It wasn’t a pack of animals was it? I had so many of those in college.

No, sadly it was part of some multi-level marketing product I fell for. Also came with a “protein bar” that could’ve replaced smelling salts. But the kit did contain good ol’ ephedrine.