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Favorite/Best PWO Shake/Meal....

What’s the best shake or meal to have post workout. I want to know the purpose of it and how much to eat/take and most of all timing. I’ve been studying alot on PWO nutrition and am trying to find out more. I’ve read alot about timing your carbs, also what type of carbs to consume pwo and pre-wo? Any advice.
Weight: 220 lbs.
Height: 6’
BF%: 15-18

Oh BTW, I’m trying to lean down slowly while maximizing strength and lean muscle mass gains.

Have you checked out Surge Recovery?

Surge has all the things most people need for the PWO time, fast acting carbs and protein with additional BCAA. I do not tolerate carbs well at all personally and especially simple carbs and therefore had to look elsewhere for my solution.

But the basics that are their are what I still use now just a different carb source.