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Favorite (Best?) Album Cover


Don't know if this thread has been done before.

Post 'em

I still gotta think about mine....

*For those who aren't old enough to remember what "Album" and "CD" covers are, they're the art (which used to be an artform in and of itself) that packaged the medium of the music (vinyl, CD, etc).

Box set art is legal.




King Crimson


Gn'Fn'R (not best or favorite, granted, but still likely post-worthy)


See my avatar


Fuck sakes Steely, I have five cases of albums and who knows how many cd's.

asshole...this will be tough. Ted Nugent's weekend warriors, physical graffitti...

When I was a little dripper, albums used to be interactive with moving parts lol.


Cannibal Corpse has some very cool ones. Undead cunnilingus and stuff.


I used this cover to clean my marijuana.




Tap those pesky joint exploding seeds out!


The Scorpions album covers used to always give me wood.






Aside from KC one already linked (a popular fave I'm sure!) I've always felt somewhat drawn to this cover. Not sure why though...


I love most of Iron Maiden's covers.


I don't think any album collection would be complete without Maggot Brain...


And even though I never checked Savoy Brown out till years later...I always used to stare at this as a kid, wondering what was inside but for some reason never putting it on. :stuck_out_tongue:


Love this cover, the whole art piece is much cooler.


This one is one of my favs, and band I should add.