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Favorite Beers

After reading the 7 Bartenders post I want to know whatis your favorite beer?


the next one…thats my problem…damn you tasty hoppy goodness!


I can safely say that I find that all beer tasted the way cat piss smells.

It’s a blessing, all my friends get the belly’s and I get to watch them fall down… the joy of hating beer

Kirin Ichiban. Very tasty stuff. Does beer count as a daily carb intake? Hmm…

Kilkenny Irish cream ale

…or Miller Genuine Draft. The ONLY good beer to come out of the states. :wink:

Red Hook IPA

Rogue Mocha Porter

fat cat. like tha taste and i like the name. not very common thou…

Fat Tire…oh yeah!

I don’t really have a favorite when I’m using it to chase a double shot of patron anejo…

Castle Lager…gotta stay true to my South African heritage.

OE 800

Yuengling B & T

…if I can see through it or it looks like urine, I have no interest in drinking it.

Steel Reserve 211 High Gravity Malt Liquor!!

I get two 40’s for 3 bucks! only on my “cheat” days of course…haha


hatuey, natty light

Rickards Red.
Sleeman Honey Brown.
La Fin Du Monde.

Newcastle Ale
Rolling Rock