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Favorite Beer


Just got back from the grocery store with four six-packs, each a different brand of beer. I like to broaden my horizons and try something new as often as possible.

What's your favorite beer?

I'm a personal fan of Blue Moon (Blue Moon Brewing Company) and Fat Tire (New Belgium Brewing Company).


The Chimay's ales first
Spaten Optimator/Ocktoberfest
Rogue Dead Guy Ale
Paulaner Salvator

These have thus far replaced any fav I used to have.


Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
Victory Storm King Stout


Ragoo!?!?!?! Not Abita?

I like Corona and Modela Negro and of course Arrogant Bastard Ale


Well, I do like Abita as well as a ton of other beers, it's just that the ones I listed have sorta taken the front for now. I guess there's still novelty to them. I have drank many Abita Ambers, Heinekens, Becks, Hoegaardens, Modelos, Red Stripes, etc, but fairly recently got a taste for dark, rich beers. I blame that on the Beer thread that was started on this site.


I had Abita in New Orleans! I loved it. I was a tourist and did the smart thing. I went to a cooking school. I ate Jambalya and drank Abita.

I loved the whole thing


Yes, you did the right thing. Eating good food and drinking good beer is probably the best thing a tourist can do in N.O.

Did you happen to go to Gordon Biersch? They are a micro brewery and restaraunt and make some good beer. The food pretty damn good too.


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Franziskaner Weissbier, tastes fantastic ever after 15 pints.


Guiness draft stout
Beamish stout
Young's double chocolate luxury stout
Abita golden
Abita fall fest
Abita strawberry harvest
Sam Adams black lager
Sam Adams octoberfest
Boddington's pub ale


Abita Fall Fest is really good too.
Sam Adams Black is a let down after tasting a good dopplebock. I expected more from Mr. Adams.



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I do like Samuel Adams too

Hey So Big Ragoo

Do locals like Mardi Gras? I wont go but I love the town


Sierra Nevada Porter (each sip is better than the last)
McEwan's Scottish Ale is purdy good too!


Certainly, however, it's not the locals that you see getting really crazy on tv and such. We go, do our thing, and know not to mess with NOPD. During Mardi Gras, they are unforgiving and don't take any shit from anyone. However, since it is always crazy crowded, I haven't been to NO for Mardi Gras in a few years. Parking is nonexistent, too many people are very drunk and clogging the streets, and like the song says, there really is no place to pee on Mardi Gras day.


I agree with you all three times! Abita in N'Awlins is as good as it gets for me.

Honorable mention goes to Negra Modelo.


I lived in Germany back in the day, so Henninger & Dopelspaten Optimator rank high...Bass & Newcastle Brown for Ale, if you like that filthy-good stuff/;-D


My favorite beer is Free.


I like darker beers like Guinness and Hobgoblin. The best I've ever had was Trappist Westvleteren though. Right now I'm on a Red Seal binge. If you haven't tried it, you need to.


It's so hard to choose just one. I have to say Newcastle.


Leinenkugels Sunset Wheat
Franziskaner Hefe-Weissebier
Paulaner Hefe-Weissebier