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Favorite Beer?

What’s yours?

NEW CASTLE - the one and only!

Honorable mention for Sam Adams and Guiness.

As long as its Canadian its all good.

Blue Moon is some damn fine shit. In fact all Beligum Wheat beers are.

Sam Adam’s Light is easily the best light beer I have ever tasted.

Newcastle or Samuel Smith Nut Brown are the favorites for regular beer, although if one is in the mood for serious hops, Rogue Dead Guy Ale takes the cake.

Pilsner Urquell and Staropramen. Both are great beers. I also can never pass up a black and tan.


Wasn’t there one similar to this a week ago? Oh well, never a bad time to talk about favorite beer. Kirin Ichiban is my favorite. Second place is Heineken dark.

Whatever is on sale.


Michelob Light and Bud Light for Quantity drinking.

Sam Adams Light for Quality Drinking.

left hand milk stout…Fnord if you ever go to barley’s or preservation in Ktown, order one up.

Molson Export all American beers suck!

king cobra!

P-Dog, you are the man.

As we speak I’m sitting in my dorm room looking at my collection of 40oz King Cobras, a collection every college student should take pride in.

Quality - Conway’s Irish Ale (from Great Lakes Brewing Co.)

Quantity - Keystone Light

What a wonderful topic :slight_smile:

i like “the dog” too.

The real question, aaronm, is the greatest number of 4-0’s of King Cobra you’ve ever beer-bonged at a single time – not in a row, but at once. Ah, college days…

I went through a Red Stripe phase a while ago, havn’t had a beer in about 6 months now, it kinda sounds good right now.

The answer would be 0. The most I’ve funneled is around 2.5 beers at once. My funneling skills are not up to par.

Looking forward to a good game of Edward 40 Hands on Thursday though. I figure there is no better way to get ripped for the summer.

Barrister, are you originally from MA, and did you go to college in MA?

Smithwick’s. Only been available in the US for a month or so. I guess it’s been available in Canada for some time now, and in Ireland for a couple centuries. Hand’s down, the best beer I’ve ever had. I never thought anything would ever knock Guinness Draught from that title, but Guinness Inc. is distributing it, so I guess the money will still go to the same place.

Best Canadian beers–Maudite, La Fin du Monde.

BEdZ and I finally agree on something. Blue Moon is some damn fine beer.

I also love this Oatmeal Stout they have at the local brewery, but that probably doesn’t help you guys any.

Coors Lite if I’m just hanging out at the bar, if for no other reason than to support commercials which feature hot twins.