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Favorite Bean?

I’m incorporating beans into my diet and have been trying to decide what type to get. It appears Navy beans have an amazingly high amount of fiber in them, I think I may go with Navy beans, and also black beans, which are my favorite. What types do you guys use, and for what reasons?

Ceci beans (aka chick peas, aka garbanzo beans).


Because they’re fucking AWESOME.

E vero.

black beans are my fav, but they take a long time to prepare and then spoil in the fridge kind of fast. excellent with a little fresh spinach and raw parmesan

my weekly thing is garbanzo beans (hummus). keeps easy and i dip lots of veggies in it so it’s a win-win.

Do green beans and fava beans count?

Chickpeas mixed with chicken rock.

Black beans or Kidney beans in mah chili.

Themz the only beanz I eatz.

They are such a hassle to deal with that any one you can make sense out of at a given time is the favorite.

Seriously, the red kidney ones probably have the best characteristics.

Some people may think I’m crazy but I eat straight kidney beans all the time, cooked right in a bowl.

Haven’t gotten around to experimenting much with others yet, gotta find the best mix with brown rice.