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Favorite B Movie

The cheesier and more 80’s the better. I nominate Maximum Overdrive.

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A movie that is so bad it’s good is called Cemetery Gate. I actually own the DVD because after renting it it somehow got knocked under the fridge and wasn’t found for months. I watch the lollipop scene over and over.

Hot Dog.

“Wot da fuck is Chinese downhill?”

“I had Sonny side-up. I had Sonny side-down. I had Sonny all ooovaahhh!”

Roadhouse: endless quotable lines, devoid of political correctness, atrocious haircuts

and check

Not B movies per se but love Roger Moore Bond films as the got more and more over the top


Arnold in Commando. Never seen so many guys killed without reloading or never seen so many guys killed who could not shoot, Arnold always stood out in the open, no cover, no tactics. Great line from that black female actress "These guys eat too much red meat" or something like that.

Arnold in the first Predator: Best one liners ever:





Of Course the best of all: "you one ugly mother fu*ker

A couple of years ago I was stuck on an Air Base in Kuwait and inside the terminal they were watching about a movie about some Indonesian SWAT team being trapped in an apartment building, never saw such a high body count and Jedi like moves. For pure cheese, you need to find it, I apologize, but, I don’t know the name of the movie.


There are so many. I just don’t know where to begin?

I think RAD might have been the most influential though.


I don’t know how many of mine qualify as B movies, but I certainly realize that some of my favorite films are a very long way from being viewed as brilliant films by anyone else but me -lol

Highlander (I can watch this film anytime anywhere)
Black belt jones
Basketball (with Orgazmo right with it)
Best of the best


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Death Wish 3

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tonight you sleep in hell!

What a movie

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I think that film is called “The Raid”

It’s famous for its fight choreography.


The most fucking underrated movie ever.


Evil Dead.

Any movie where a woman gets molested by a tree is definitely B class, but bloody awesome!

Honourable mentions to Highlander and Mortal Combat.


Oh wow, yeah! I remember getting snowed in one weekend when I was in grad school with my then gf, and we had rented Mortal combat from the local video store (yes, I’m old!). We watched it like 6 times unble to get out of the house. I still love that main theme.


easily the best Liam Neeson film

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He does the best jig among all of Sam Raimi’s films. I fucking LMAO every time I watch this.

well, naturally, given his Irish heritage.

I’ve never actually thought about it before, but there are a lot of jigs in Sam Raimi movies!


Yeah even the Demon danced in Drag Me to Hell.


Exam - I’m currently watching with a good buzz. Possibly the only way to watch it. With a budget of $600,000, how could it be bad?

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Enthusiastically Co-sign: Best of the Best

Cyborg, Double Impact, Total Recall, maybe Beast Master?

How About;
Willow? Possibly production too good.
Desperado? Possibly too soon.

Film Appreciation Essay Question

In the future, will movie dudes think of the 2000’s (Tons of Vin Diesel and Jason Stathum) like we think of the 80’s?

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Does Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny count as a B film? Cuz that’s a great one haha