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Favorite B Flicks


So, what are some of T-Nations favorite "lesser known" movies?

A few of mine:

Initial D
Shaolin Soccer

Favorite Comedians?
Favorite Comedians?
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Workout Playlist


"B" movies (like in the 50's) probably don't see the light of day, just because of the expense of making movies these days, and the Labor requirements. A "Force 9 From Outer Space" made by a guy with a few of his friends and a camera are impossibilities.

Don't fret! Because I know where you're coming from!

I call them "Cult Favorites"; films that bombed in the Box Office, but have gained a strong, almost "cult" following of fans in the intervening years.

My List

1) "Blade Runner" (The more I see it, the more I get it's deeper meaning).

2) "Beetle Juice"

3) "Tuck Everlasting"

4) "The Princess Bride"

5) "Little Shop of Horrors"

6) Various incarnations of "Frankenstein" that have appeared over the years.

7) "The League of Extraodinary Gentleman"

8) "Van Helsing"

9) "From Hell" (Jack the Ripper)

10) Any corny musical of the Fifties!

Well...that's a start! I'll think of more!



Honestly, most "B movies" today are higher quality than "A movies" just 15 years ago. They don't even call them "B movies" now unless they suck, do they?

If anything, change the title to "straight to video" movies.


Hackers (Angelina Jolie!)

Tremors (Burt is my favorite character)

There are a bunch, I just can't think of them all right now. I love B movies!


Cannibal! The Musical
Bottle Rocket


Hell Comes to Frogtown
Six-String Samurai



One of the best movies I've ever seen.


Actually I had the title originally as "Favorite 'lesser known' movies" but it was changed without my knowledge.

(****Mod Note****) The title came through as "favorites" thats it so I read the post and added the B Flicks so the title would be more descriptive of what the context of the thread is instead of simply "Favorites"


Oh, and foreign movies count too...


Bad Taste (Dead Alive in the US)
Meet the Feebles (Just the Feebles in the US)

Both really bad b-grade films by Peter Jackson (of LOTR and King Kong fame)


NO worries at all...I don't know why the rest of the info was lost...strange things like that seem to happen to me lately, though.

Either way, my apologies to the mod if I was harsh or pointed fingers inappropriately and thanks for looking out for better ways.

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No prob at all bro just letting you all know what happened we have to change a LOT of titles to well have some sort of context to the post Just a day to day thing No big deal


Near Dark
River's Edge
Stone Cold
Enter The Ninja



Out Cold
Revenge of the Ninja
Pray for Death
Full-Time Killer (Unknown in US)

Those come of the top of my head. There are countless others. I'll take a look when I get home.


The Boondock Saints

I think Boondock Saints is my favorite movie of all time.


Anything by Romero

Night Dawn and Day of the Dead




I've never seen Boondock and just ordered the special edition DVD last week. I cant wait to watch it.


Army of Darkness

Bruce Campbell is the king of modern day B movies.


Cherry 2000


I liked Excalibur and Boondock Saints too. But Sat. Night I saw one that was in it's own league- Bubba Ho-Tep.


It's about an Elvis Impersonator and a black man that thinks he's JFK fighting a mummy that terrorizes an E. Texas nursing home. It's about more than that too, but read the reviews.


Now that sounds too funny to pass up..

I'll post more of mine later.