Favorite Authors

Which authors have you found, to be the most useful and insightful. This goes for articles, books, and etc, not necc. from this site.

Im going to have to go with. (Not in order)

  1. CT
  2. Dave Tate
  3. Kelly Baggett
  4. CW

Just to name a few.

P.S Does anyone know where I can find ALL of Kelly’s articles?

-The Truth

Google higher faster sports. That’s Kelly Bagget’s site.

Not ranked in order, just as I think of them

  1. Siff
  2. Zatsiorsky
  3. Hatfield
  4. Tate
  5. Simmons
  6. CT
  7. Artie Dreschler
  8. Various helpful folks on forums like the P&B and Fred Hatfield’s site.

Still haven’t read Kelly’s work yet, been meaning to but haven’t had the time.

If we’re going to performance nutrition…

Will Brink
Cy Wilson
Lyle McD (though he doesn’t know it yet)
Dr. Andrew Browe
And various folks who have helped out with specific questions over the years


I was thinking actual books. My bad.

Lyle McDonald
Dave Draper
John Christy

John MacCallum, Hatfield, Kubrick, Randy Strossen, Mel Ciff…

  • Miyamoto Musashi
  • Morehi Ueshba
  • Aristotle
  • Coach Dan John

-bill starr (changed my outlook on training, drastically)
-dave drapper(inspirational)
-dave tate(everything makes sence)
-dan john(got me to do front squats, overhead squats, and stearing me towards o’ lifts…hard thing to do to a bodybuilder)