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Favorite Assistance Work


Just curious what everyones favorite assistance lift is for the 4 main lifts. For me its
squat- romanian deadlifts
deadlifts- zercher squats
bench- dumbell row
press- close grip bench

what about everyone else?


Front Squats


Front Squats
Stiff Leg Deadlift
More Benching
Close Grip Benching


Joker sets + First Set Last....not really assitance work but the combo is legit. I would say my favorite is dumbell rows, pull-ups, dips and side-bends. All supersetted during the big lifts.


Squat-paused squat
Bench-paused bench
Deadlift-db row.....it would be ghr if I had access to one
OHP- I've yet to figure out lol


Inverted rows should be a good match for OHP if you want to waste your traps. Terrible choice if you want an antagonistic move though haha.


Have you tried seated barbell military press? I recently started doing these after bench press and it provides a good way to perform a very similar lift to OHP yet you can overload the muscles/movement a bit.


Weighted Chins
Weighted Dips
BB/DB Rows
Front Squat


Front Squats, KB Swings, Dips, Pullups, Rows, Abs, Loaded Carries


Squats, pause squats and high rep squats
Bench , close grip and pause reps
Deadlifts, DB rows
Press, DB press and close grip bench

I finally have access to a prowler and am using for strength and ill probably end up using it on my squat or deadlift day but I'll give it a few cycles.


Thanks for the tips fellas.....I do inverted rows every once in a while on back day. I'll try to remember to do seated press today!


RDLs, Front Squat, Bent Row, Chins/Pull Ups, Incline Press


Dumbell Rows
Stiff legged Deadlift
high bar close stance pause squat w/ heels elevated


Squat - Pause Squat

Bench - Pause Bench

Deadlift - Still looking for the magic bullet. Weak off the ground, so I'm experimenting with elevated speed pulls and paused front squats together

Press - DB Press


You should try deficits from 1 to 3 or 4 inches you can rotate the heights. Definitely helped me off the floor


What was your set/rep scheme and what intensity were you doing them at, if you don't mind me asking?


Figured I'd throw my two cents in here. I do all of my warm-ups and first two working sets from a deficit. I've noticed a huge improvement not only in my top set (which feels like such a short pull compared to the deficits), but also in my speed of the floor in general. On my squat days, I'll do sumo deadlift (although I was doing snatch-grip deadlift) for 3-5x3-5 at the "First Set Last" % for a given week.


Squat - Breathing paused squats
Bench - Floor Press
Deadlift - Doing more squatting, no joke
Press - Single arm d'bell shoulder press


I would do my 65, 75, 85 sets from a 3 inch deficit amd my 70, 80 90 sets from a 1 or 2 inch drficit and my third week I would pull from the floor. My speed and strength off the floor greatly increased.


if you're like me (long torso, short legs), front squat with heels slightly elevated (or o-lifting shoes) are magic for improving strength from the floor. someone suggested pausing them, combining with speed pulls--good ideas.