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Favorite Assistance Exercises for Each Lift


name some of your favorite assistance exercises for your lifts.

for bench i like weighted push ups, get a partner to throw a couple 45 lb plates on ur back and Blast Away. its fun

for deadlift i like RDLs, nothin gets my abs, hamstrings, back and grip torched like those

and then for squat i like loading up the leg press and burning out

curious to see what other exercises people favor


Come on man..this is the POWERLIFTING section..no one works abz...lol

I prefer doggy style for 'abz' and maybe some ab curls (high pulley, triceps rope)

Bench Press= HEAVY 2,3,4,5 board presses, close grip floor presses with chains

Deadlift = EFS Stone Trainer are fun.

Squats- YOKE bar front squats, leg presses


Considering most of your bullshit responses in other threads here's what I have for you.

For bench = watching porn and jerking off a lot.

For deadlifts = leaning against a rope for erotic asphyxiation.

For squats = you're a pussy if you don't know.

And you are "bi-curious", not "curious". It's cool. Really.


damn just cause i post irrelevant responses in the get a life forum...... i just started powerlifting and i am serious about it so i thought maybe some more experienced powerlifters could share what they do for assistance


Doing push ups while your partner "throws" 45lb plates on your back is just asking for injury!


To excel in powerlifting you need to be analytical. Assistance work will best serve you if most of it addresses a motor pattern, muscle group, or conditioning problem that is holding you back. To that end, assistance work can and should vary radically between lifters.

Most powerlifters will have a few things in common though. Lots of posterior chain work (box squat, GM, reverse hyper, etc.) and emphasis on glutes, hams, and lower back; extra triceps work and lockout training, conditioning that improves work capacity specific to lifting.

Right now, I am focusing on hypertrophy (to move up a weight class). Other specific needs I have are even bench lockouts (unilateral triceps work), strength in the mid back and upper spinal erectors to aid pulling back in the DL, and rehabilitating my shoulders and pecs from several injuries last year and earlier this year. So I am using fairly high volume and working in things like 4 board presses, rack lockouts, dumbell triceps extensions, heavy dumbell rows and pendlay rows, bent back safety bar goodmornings, and mobility work for the shoulder girdle. I for one do believe in lots of ab work so I do heavy (5-8 reps)training during every squat and deadlift workout, focusing on weighted situps or standing cable abs with some torso rotation work and plank holds as well. My conditioning is typically sprinting or a variation of sled pulling for high sets and short rest periods.

Hope that's what you're looking for. Good luck starting your PL training!


alright not actaully not throwing more like setting


cool thanks man