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Favorite article of 2003?

Hey fellow T-Maggers, I was wondering what was your favorite article on the T-Mag site of 2003? I also wondered the same question as related to any articles in other print magazines (MD, Flex, Stuff…)?

I’ll have to think about this one.

BTW, I didn’t read ANY printed lifting/phsique magazine in 2003! :D)

From t-mag my highlights, off the top of my head, were:

  1. Superbeast
  2. 8 Keys
  3. Pendulum Training

I continually find myself going back to Superbeast and 8 keys when working on my training program.

I really liked pendulum because I get bored easily, one of the reasons I like westside. Pendulum gives a good framework for variety.

From other sites, etc:

Tom Myslinski’s CJSS article at Elitefts was good (Tom is brilliant, his QnA’s are the best)

8 keys were some excellent articles.

anything by coach davies also

old school triceps by mike r and toothpicks to timber by alessi

I would have to mention several:

High-Octane Cardio by Mike Mahler
Running Man by Christian Thibaudeau
The Beast Evolves by C / T
The Creation Continues by John Berardi
Optimized Volume Training by C / T
21st Century Core Training by Mike Robertson

Wow nothing by Ian King thats a surprise!

Not sure they are circa '03, but two of my favorites are:

“The Weakest Link” by Alessi and “Strong and Healthy Shoulders,” by Catanzaro.

Both articles have been tremendously helpful in helping myself and people I have worked with broaden out our approach to training heavy while staying injury free.

I’ll have to agree with T-mag and go with “The Beast Evolves” by CT as my favorite. ABHP by CW is a very close runner-up.

Waterbury’s ABHP program article was a big help to me this year. It was my favorite last year.

Pretty much everything Kraig Y listed and I have to include Waterbury (ABBH) in there as well.

The Beast Evolves just for representing exactly what T-mag is all about. Inspirational stuff.

But I’d have to go with Dave Tates Eight Keys series.

Also personal favs are Keep Your Chin Up by CT and Rotator Cuff Conundrum by Eric Cressey. At last someone who could clearly explain the workings of the RC!!

Many were awesome, but only a few truly changed and affected aspects of my training.

7 Habits of Highly Effective Nutritional Programs - John Berardi

Rotator Cuff Conundrum - Eric Cressey

Eight Keys - Dave Tate

And for the one that dominates my training the most:

High Octane Cardio - Mike Mahler

That’s the article that introduced me to roadwork and general, and I’m addicted to this form of training.

Eight Keys - Dave Tate.

I read this before training at Westside UK.

I now keep it along with all my other Westside articles from here and also from Elite in a Westside Binder.

I still come to this site every day to see the forums and check the mag every week also.


How about tossing out some props for Dr. Lowery here? The L-Train kicked out several excellent articles this year that I know made a lot of people rethink their dietary strategies.

Lonnie is an excellant wrtiter and an energized speaker. I enjoy his articles and his work. So many good writers and phenomenol information here at T-Mag.

Chad Waterbury had the biggest influence on my training. Between his programs and Thibaudeau’s, I should never run out of training ideas or workouts to try. Also liked “Psychology of Big I and II” by Shugart. Mind and muscle, baby!