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Favorite Arm Stuff

You measure your arms the weirdest way I’ve ever seen it done though. I’d like to see a flexed measurement please sir. Then you will no longer be able to say you have poverty arms :joy:

Haha they’re just super lean mate, they look alright but not much substance

Doesn’t the inner bro inside just want to know though!?! Flex dem babies right and wrap a tape around’em!

2 wee silver DBs

100 reps. Not allowed to put the DBs down at any point.

Elbow flexor doms are outrageous


Hammer curls, EZ bar curls and ‘crazy eights’ as a finsher for bi’s (I use a pair of fairly light dbs and keep cranking out sets of 8 reps, alternating between my right arm and left arm until I can’t complete 8 reps.

Close grip bench, close grip swiss bar work plus various different tri exts and push downs for triceps.

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Fat grip decline skulls, hammer curls, dips, neutral grip chins, high frequency, rest pause, 8-15 reps. Can bang these out often with out any joint pain and get a good pump. Always had wrist and elbow issues trying other lifts and was stuck at 16 doing mainly compounds. Took my arms to 17.5


This! Light ultra high rep curls did wonders for my elbow health and caused more growth in my biceps than anything I’ve ever done. I never cared much about doing direct arm work, but I started getting elbow problems, and Poundstone curls or something very similar fixed that. I’m really focused on strength, put high rep curls and then DB and/or EZ bar pullovers have made my arms grow and helped my pressing and upper body pulling when I added them in, so that’s what I do now.

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