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Favorite Arm Stuff

Lets bro out here for a bit…whats your favorite arm stuff? Exercises, workouts etc…

Overhead press variations
Arm-over-arm pulls
Farmer’s walk


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Haha nice man

Drop sets on curls. Load up the bar with 10’s and just keep repping and removing plates till your arms fall off.

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I wanna hear from somebody who always had trouble growing arms, and now has big arms.

Everything else is just mental masturbation

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Is there any other kind?

I wouldnt say i have big arms (a smidge over 17 the last time they were measured) but it took a while to get them there cause arms have always been stubborn for me. Getting bigger in general helped a lot, increased frequency helped, doing lots of reverse/hammer grip helped, and curling food to my mouth (really focus on a good contraction there) helped. I do have big joints and wrists (and forearms) so the look of my arms just isnt the same as someone with small joints.

My current arm day consists of:

Alternating DB curls
Skull Crushers
Preacher Curl Machine (I hate freeweight preacher curls)
Cable Pushdowns with an EZ curl attachment (hate ropes)

Like with everything I use very heavy weight with a top set rep range of 10-15. I only do one working set per exercise and several drop sets after. I do arms every six days, like everything else and on its own dedicated day.

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Inb4 thread titled Favorite Butt Stuff :rofl:

Okay, before recent months I did very little arm work, only enough to keep wrist and elbow problems away but I’ve since put more priority into and I have had okay results granted as little as I was doing before I imagine just about anything would work.

Towel Chins
Close Grip Chins
Gironda Curls
Reverse Grip Drag Curls

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I really like the Matt kroc 1000 rep arm workout on here


Are you doing anything for triceps?

I have thought about trying it, but never committed to it yet

Biceps extended set:
Strict curls with back against the wall for 6-10 reps, step forward for 3-5 more reps, then a couple of cheat reps, then one long negative.

Any heavy pressing move supersetted with palms up kickbacks with a pause at the top for a cramp. Kickbacks are best done face down on a high incline bench.

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This looks killer! Gonna try these fo sho

For biceps, Poundstone curls.

For triceps, band pushdowns


Chin ups
Fat grip reverse curls
KB hammer curls

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Triceps were very stubborn for me, Scott extensions and this made a big difference…

recently enjoying these…

Kettlebell moves in general suprisingly helpful, hammer curls with them are great…


I don’t usually have an ‘arm day’ however if my body is beat up and I just want a pump or whatever I like to throw this is as a once off. The pump is always crazy

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Oh! Right!

Right now:
2-Board CGBP
Close(er) Grip Pike Push Ups
Basically this thing that I would describe as a JM press but with my bodyweight. It’s not a diamond push up nor a strict tri. ext.
And my tris get a fair bit of stimulation from the push up varieties and standing presses I do unlike my bis from most back work.

My tris right now are not at their best. I haven’t bench pressed in many many months since I replaced it with push up variations which has given me my best chest development but has led to my tris lagging hence why I’ve got the 2-board CGBP that I go hard on that I added in recently since I had the best tris when I did PL training. The “JM Push Up Press” as I’m calling it is a new addition too. I can’t tell you yet if it’ll be the trick.

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That being said my arms are only like 14 inch so take my humble suggestion with a grain of salt