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Favorite Anabolic Diet Meals...

[quote]JOERI wrote:
Man I get bad cholesterol by just reading this thread! :slight_smile: Good luck with the diet boys![/quote]

Great 7th post. I wonder what you look like.

Oh, and how about bacon-wrapped chicken!

Great 7th post. I wonder what you look like.

Oh, and how about bacon-wrapped chicken![/quote]

I didn’ t mean for it to be offensive in any way, I was just trying to give an encouragement, sorry if that was misunderstood. I am not great at English. I definetly know the Anabolic Diet is a high fat and protein diet, and was just making a joke, not trying to ridicule the Diet or it’s users, as I am sure it’s a very effective diet.

I however don’t see how my looks have any thing to do with my post. If you for some reason really want to see them I’ll try to get a hold on an digital camera and post some pictures.

Here’s some random favorites…


Classic basil is my favorite and it is so good on chicken. If you buy it pre-made, make sure you are buying one made with olive oil. Also, olive, sun-dried tomato, and I just found a mixed nut one. The olive and tomato are higher in carbs, but you use so little it shouldn’t be a problem.

I love cabbage and I eat it all the time. Saute two cloves garlic, add one head cabbage, chopped. Saute til tender. Then add, one tablespoon soy sauce, dash of ginger, 1/4-1/2 tsp five spice.

Or, once cabbage is cooked toss with 1/4 cup tomato sauce.

Any combination of Grow and heavy cream is an orgasmic experience.

I make a meatloaf with a mixture of ground turky, hot italian sausage, and ground sirloin. Add an egg or two, some minced garlic, onion, and red pepper, plus salt, pepper, dash of cayenne if you’re really getting your sass on, and about 3/4 cups flax meal. I like to make mini’s or just make a bunch of meatballs.

I buy super thin sliced corn beef/pastrami etc. instead of bacon (I am generally too lazy to deal with bacon) and scramble it with spinach or broccoli, eggs and some swiss or provolone, and a few walnuts or pecans. Eggs, broccoli, provolone, and nuts are so good together! Anyway, I like to make a big batch of eggy concoction then just re-heat and eat in a low carb tortilla.

[quote]jehovasfitness wrote:
Sounds like the Atkins diet, lol, just throw in some low-carb butter, and you’re all set, lol[/quote]

Then clearly you aren’t very familiar with Atkins or AD.


3 Tablespoons, water chaser, 360 calories. Oodles of fat.

Not fun, but food is only fuel.

It helped me add calories and stay full.

Breakfast from this morning:

  1. 2 teaspoons of chilli, one teaspoon of garlic and some oil into a hot pan for 2 minutes.

  2. Add to the pan 500 grams of rump steak. Cook to medium. Drink two cups of coffee while this is cooking.

  3. Add 6 eggs. Cook sunny side up.

  4. Eat.

  5. Breakfast done!

Cabbage+Mayo has been working for me as a side dish to my red meat.

Just a quick shopping note: I picked up a ridiculous deal at a Walmart Food Center.

15 oz. of Chilean Canned Mackerel for $0.77.

Servings per container: 6

per serving

Calories: 90
Calories from fat: 40

Fat: 4g
Saturated: 1.5g
Carb: 0g
Protein: 13g


** 1 lb of Steak bites -a dozen eggs -bunches-o-brocolli and an 8oz brick of your favorite cheese…
Scramble it all up together for breakfast time -lunch time -snack time -whatever-time!!

**Take a few dozen hardboiled eggs -add vinegar, pickling spices, jalepenos, cayenne pepper, black pepper, onions etc, etc… Let the eggs ‘pickle’ for a day or three in this mixture and you got yourself some goooooood snackin!

**Coat a pan w/ a puddle of olive oil…add garlic, onions, spinach by the handful and some browned ground beef. Throw in a brick or two of feta cheese -some black olives, crushed walnuts and enjoy!

Take a tub of ricotta chesse -a few scoops of low-carb protein powder -tbsp or two of Hershey’s cocoa --Splenda/Nutrasweet to taste…That’s some good eatin!

**You smaller folks may want to portion these recipes out over a few meals…eventually, you won’t be ‘smaller’ anymore.