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Favorite Accessory Movements/Techniques for Weak Points 2.0

It’s been a a little over 2 years since I posted the last thread and I thought it might be a good idea to start up a new one and see if people have found any new favorites they’d like to share. Your list can include exercises, any techniques or intensity techniques, programming, gear, prowler work, ect. If it builds your lift or a weak muscle and you feel like sharing; talk about it!

The original thread can be found here http://tnation.T-Nation.com/hub/kjmont#myForums/thread/5583556/

I’ll start things off…

Exercises for building the squat:

  • Squats to a low box, touch and go
  • Squats with a lot of chains using a straight bar or SSB
  • Pause Squats
  • Front Squats but not necessarily done like an oly lifter
  • Sometimes, but rarely goodmorning variations because I have always lacked quad strength
  • Heavy speed work

the deadlift:

  • 1-3" Deficit Deads
  • Deadlift Stance Box Squats (the normal sit back and pause style)
  • Rack pulls at various heights
  • RDL’s done the way george leeman does them
  • SSB Goodmornings
  • Yates Rows
  • Touch and Go reps
  • High reps peaking down to low reps


  • High volume speed work with 75% of my pause bench
  • High volume sets gradually working up over time (ie: 5x10)
  • Dead Benches
  • Lat and bicep work (found despite all the debate that the old recommendations hold true; the bigger the back; the bigger the bench)
  • Incline and overhead work done sparingly when peaking up my bench and heavily in the offseason
  • Close-grip bench

I will get into my favorite programming and techniques tomorrow because it’s late here. I am sure I missed some of my favorite lifts but I just wanted to start things off and get the exchange started.

For deadlift glute ham raise, reverse hyper. To be honest lately i use them a little bit too much, twice a week (few days after the training lower body walking is a little awkward).
Squat the same, also adding split squats.
For bench i just bench. After shoulder injury i am skipping overhead press.

As an older guy, I find recovery to be really important and am very picky about accessory work. If I am going to have to recover from it, I want to have a darn good reason to do it in the first place. Two things I do for bench are rear flies (not sure if that’s what they’re called. I bend over and extend dumbbells to the sides to work my rear delts) and lat pulldowns. For the past few weeks I’ve done two “normal” sets of 10 with these then done a drop set of twenty. It may be coincidence but I hit a small rep max last week.

Comp Squat
Variations: High bar, pause, good mornings
Accessory: Pull-ups

Comp Bench
Variations: Touch-and-go, close grip, incline
Accessory: Barbell rows, upright rows

Comp Deadlift (Sumo):
Variations: Touch-and-go, pause below knees, 4-5" blocks, conventional, SLDL, RDL
Accessory: Chin-ups

I think front squats and SSB squats can drive up the squat too but I don’t have a SSB and my shoulders got aggravated from front squatting so often. My experience with the military press varies.

Edit: Forgot to add good mornings.