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Favorite Ab Exercises?


Hello everyone,
What's your favorite exercise for your abs? I've been doing weighted situps for sets of twenty on off days (at 30 pounds and improving) and reverse crunches for high reps on lifting days.

Anybody got any good alternatives to add to the mix.


I would say do some heavier stuff MORE weight/ Cable crunches, leg raises, weighted planks for time, side bends, wood choppers, etc. Just simply do to the high rep work you have been doing it will give you a LOT of bang for the buck


straight leg lifts, all the way to the v-sit.

making any pullup or dip exercise l-sit.

wheel rollouts


Lateral bends. High weight low rep.
Try something like 6x6 with 50 or 60 lbs. That will strengthen up your trunk real good.


Also, remember squats and dead lifts will build you a strong core. Hence, build great rectus abdominis muscles. I would recommend doing these before any isolation ab exercises.


I recently bought one of those wheels with a handle after reading what CT and Shugs had to say about them. Fu*k! They are a whole new level of pain. Therefore, they must be doing the job.


I like to hook my legs over the smith machine and do hanging sit-ups.

Plus weighted side bends and hanging leg raises.


Any type of L-hold (L-sit, pull-ups, dips-tough they are much harder than regular) and hanging leg raises. Note that you must touch your knees to your chest or your shins to the bar. And side bends. Also try the lever.


Stretching myself from the sofa to reach my beer....


Turkish-get-ups with a Kettlebell/dumbbell or if your really daring a barbell.


my fav is swiss ball cable ...but i am alwyas looking to vary it up...


dragon flags

super side bends

ab wheel with one hand

one arm bench press


it would be great if someone would group each of these excercises by muscle group. This way we could select two from each group and rotate the excercises to keep them fresh


dragon flags by far and maybe some heavy side bends


My favorites are overhead squats and deadlifts, mostly because they aren't crunches or sit ups. Man, I hate sit ups.


Overhead presses, squats, deadlifts. There is just plain ass nothing fun about isolation ab work. And you look like a sissy doing it.


For ab strength:

Front lever progressions.

Windmills (use two kettlebells or dumbbells, one on the ground, one overhead, for sufficient resistance).

Dragon flags.

For ab endurance:

Hollow rock. Hold the position depicted in the attached and rock back and forth for time, slowly, maintaining the same hip and shoulder angles, so that the line from toe to fingertip is one smooth curve.


turkish get ups with weight
weighted situps on a decline
suitcase carries
waiters walks




Well, I don't know about the pain thing...
but the wheel rocks