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Favorite 531 Main Lift / Supplement Lift Combo


Curious to those that have done multiple templates of 531 what their favorite way to pair the main 5/3/1 lift and supplement lift is. I have been doing the 531 beyond with the squat/bench and OHP/DL pairings, which I didn’t think I’d like but I really enjoy doing a supplement completely different from the 5/3/1 lift. I’d be interested to hear from others what they consider to the plusses/minuses of certain pairings, or simply what they prefer from an enjoyment/psychological perspective.


I enjoyed SST. Even when not following 531, I enjoy the deadlift/front squat combination.

More and more, I find that my supplemental lifts are really just the main lift with more/less weight and more/less reps.


From what I can tell, that is the way Krypteia will be set up (at least a version I’ve seen someone post in their workout logs). I’ll be interested to see what templates there are in Jim’s new book when it’s shipped out, or if there is only one way to run it regarding the 531 lift and supplement. Mentally, I’ve enjoyed doing a 531 lift followed by a completely different supplemental lift, for both variety during each workout and hitting each lift more often.