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Favo(u)rite Core Exercise

Planks, Pallof presses, and carrying the plates to and from the rack suitcase-deadlift style.

[quote]dez6485 wrote:
To the post above about weighted planks- is this just having someone place a plate on your back, perhaps wearing a weighted vest if available, or am I missing it entirely?[/quote]

I put plates on my back. I train by myself. It can be a bit tricky, but it’s definitely managable. It definitely beats holding unweighted planks for like four minutes.

If you train with other people and you can have them put plates on your back for you, then all the better.

One that I like doing is close-grip dumbbell press, whilst holding my body horizontal in the air on a decline bench. Feels a lot like a plank, except it gets harder for each rep you press.

And emphasize close-grip (elbows in), I injured my supraspinatus pretty badly when I had my arms at 90 to my torso and started to sway.