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Fav. T-Men Actors & Movies


or actors you'd go gay for.

My fav T-Man movie is Goodfellas because the actor I'd go gay for,I mean,my favorite T-Man actor Robert DiNiro.

Second movie is Taxidriver,the guy is a god.The only movie I've seen where he sucks is Cape Fear.Raging Bull,Deer Hunter,Caisino,he even saved that suck-ass movie Meet The Fockers.(This isn't a post for the thread "Openly Gay T-Men",just my props to the best actor on the planet,DiNiro Mudder Fukker)
Since I love gangsta movies,my favorite movie without DiNiro is Menace II Society,gotta love realism.


Rutger Hauer - he's old, but he's STILL core!

Bladerunner - fuckin' BADASS.

Ladyhawke - shit, he was NAVARRE...


Flame me if you want, but I like Jason Bourne in the 2 Bourne films. Hopefully the 3rd will come out soon.

Of the old timers, I go with Clint Eastwood and Steve McQueen. Any of the westerns with Clint were awesome, and you can't forget Dirty Harry, can you? I loved McQueen in The Great Escape, and although it might not seem like a T-movie, Papillon was also a great one. If that guy didn't display adaptability, then Shugs better explain the concept to me again!


Clint Eastwood is by far my favorite T-man actor. I get woodies(throughout the movie) when I turn to the AMC channel and see that rugged, handsome devil.


Michael jai white - t-dude.
bit parts in movies except he was spawn in the movie.


Nic Cage

Clint Eastwood

Sam Jackson



Steve McQueen

Pee Wee Herman


Come on..Arnold in Conan is the shit..

Mongol General: Wrong! Conan, what is best in life?
Conan: To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of the women!


how are they going to do the third when his wife got killed off in the 2nd movie (as opposed to kidnapped in the novel)? She's an integral part of the third novel, which was an astounding read if anyone cares.

As for favorite T-men actors? Clint Eastwood of the 70s, of course, or even Unforgiven Clint. Best T-man sneer ever!

Anyone for Bruce Lee???





Fuck, not again...


If I were going to go gay for somebody just because they remind me of a "T-man", then a lot of the guys on this board would be in trouble...

However, since I prefer vaginas, I'll list the actors I find most T-mannish:

Dolph Lundgren as Ivan Drago in Rocky IV

Carl Weathers in both the Rocky's and Predator

Mr. T in Rocky III

Basically the whole cast of Predator

Wesley Snipes in Blade

I guess that's about it, don't want to give the "T-Man" accolade to too many dudes who are just really good at "acting" tough


If I had to go gay for, I'd pick the dude from The Crying Game, because at least it would feel like I was with a girl.

But if it's just who are badass actors.

Vin, but only from Pitch Black
Harrison Ford
Marlon Brando before 1966
Chow Yun Fat (Bulletproof Monk doesn't count)


Clint Eastwood in



I wouldn't go gay for any man, no matter how fucking cool he is. Damn men get a hold of yourselves.


My answer begins and ends with Charles Bronson.

"HARDTIMES" (1975) with James Coburn was sweet!
Depression era bare-fisted fighter (for money).

Just about the whole cast of "The Great Escape" (including C.B.)


Charles Bronson. "The Streetfighter" rocked.



Shit, I'll second Chow Yun Fat... badass who can act - rare.

Dolph Lungren? Westley Snipes? sure they're huge, but come ON. The indigent bum who lives in my alley can act better.




Now thats funny.


Me, fools!