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Fav Post-Workout Indulgence


Been workin out for a while now and was wondering what some of the favorites are as far as post workout consumption


A LOT of lean ground beef mixed with A LOT of sliced red potatoes. Throw in some chopped onions.

This or steak and potatoes has been my usual PWO meal for a while.


Sounds outstanding SCOOZE, are you a fan of the whole chocolate milk craze right now?


what is this 2002?


Hit up the local all your can eat sushi/sashimi joint.... and make sure I get there early to beat all the fatties to the good stuff!



Stu has the correct answer here.

I'm not on good terms with my local all-you-can-eat sushi place. I sit down, and my initial orders arrive tastefully-presented on ornate Japanese-style plates. Then I keep ordering. And I keep ordering. The waitresses often question me, saying things like "you do realize that is 24 pieces in total?". I let them know that I'm fully aware of what I'm ordering, and that they would do well to bring it to me. The longer I sit, I notice that the quality of the plates deteriorates. By the end, they plop my dragon rolls haphazardly on a plastic plate they probably got from Walmart.


I notice my local chinese give me extra portions of stuff. They probably think its cause it'll make me come back. Well they are right. It does.


Sushi or shawarma or pizza. Or all at once.


Chicken curry with a nice, granny smith apple. Sometimes I order a girly-a$$ latté @ Starbux.

+1 for Shawarma also, either chikkin or beef. I knew you were Canadian as soon as I saw that.

I always cheat meal on Friday night. Last night I ate a piece of chocolate cake and a piece of cheese cake along with 1000 pounds of Quinoa boiled in chicken stalk. BLOATED.


I eat the usual fare but after my Saturday workout it's got to be beer.


Chipotle + ice cream


Well check out my indulgence...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=98ARWR_5wG0


Either sushi from an all you can eat buffet...OR my usual large consumption of kiddy cereal with a nice cold protein shake on the side


Since when is sushi so popular? I tried it once, turns out its one of the few foods I don't like at all.

All you can eat chinese buffet if its a "cheat" or "relaxed" meal. Just can't be beat.

Otherwise for my usual everyday choice I actually like and look forward to chicken and white rice covered in hot sauce. Tastes really good.


How do you prepare the red potatoes?


Lots of D-bol


Oh yeah, cereal! I've finished half a box of Honey Nut Cheerios before. But the ones with marshmallows are the best.


T-bone or porterhouse with red potatoes, sour cream and bacon ! Sushi and a lot of it. Heavy Meat Pizza : )


Im with this guy. Whats so great about sushi?



Two chipotle chicken burritos - white rice, pinto beans, mild salsa, cheese & lettuce..
Chicken breast, baked potatos with butter.
Home-made frappuchino - cold coffee blended with 1 scoop LCMD and 1 scoop casein with a dash of hershey syrup.
Chocolate glazed doughnuts, chocolate rice crispies, etc.